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Effective Steps for Generating Sharable Blog Topics

If you've ever been tasked with writing content for a company blog you'll be familiar with that frustrating feeling that slowly develops as you sit in front of a blank screen with no idea of what to write about. Finding the right topics is often the most difficult part of maintaining a blog, particularly if it has to be done frequently and to a schedule. Once the topic is set, the rest is mostly research, structuring, typing, and a little bit of creative magic. Unlike with personal blogging, … [Read more...]

Social SEO is here. Are You Ready?


What is Social SEO? Simply put, Social SEO means making it easy for various social networks to understand the content on your site and help them display your content in a way that generates the right social activity. If SEO helps you rank better on Google, Bing and other search engines, Social SEO will help your site stand out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media networks. I don't have to tell you the benefits of increased social media activity on your site. Do I? … [Read more...]

Create a Favicon in Photoshop – A Step by Step Guide


Favicon is often neglected by website designers, but it is equally important in website design. A proficiently created website has to contain a tailor made favicon since it vital for website branding. Favicon is the tiny little icon left on your web browser’s address bar, and therefore, is an element of your overall website branding. They show up in your browser, but additionally in feed, so it’s essential that you include one with your websites. … [Read more...]

Get Quality Images for Blog Posts with Fotolia


Eye catching blog images can quickly turn a casual visitor interested in to reading through your blog post. Long paragraphs of text can often make many readers lose interest. Having images for blog can literally breath life into your blog posts. How do you find high quality images to spice up your blog? © … [Read more...]