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7 Excellent Tools to Develop iPhone Apps

Thinking Outside the Box

The idea of finagling lines of code into a viable application or paying a mountain of money for developer to make an app for you doesn’t appeal to many entrepreneurs who just want to get their business off the ground or watch it grow. Fortunately, well, there’s an app for that—actually, there are a lot of applications, tools, and resources that will allow you to create your own iPhone app without any knowledge of code or a bulging bank account. The following tools can help … [Read more...]

World’s 10 Cheapest Tablets

best tablets

For those of us who find it a stretch to shell out the $600+ for Apple’s iPad, or its slightly lower-priced brethren, here’s some good news. There are cheaper tablets in the market, even if you have to forego a few of the higher-end features. Here are the top 10 cheapest tablets in the world. 1. Aakash: $60 Aakash, the new, super-cheap (what else, at just a little over $50?!!) tablet from Datawind, India is touted as the world’s cheapest tablet. This tablet has a 7 inch display, with Android … [Read more...]

How to Send Mass Personalized Emails with Gmail

mail merge with gmail

Google Docs provides Mail Merge functionality that you can use to send personalized emails via Gmail. If you are hosting a wedding or a party, you might want to send out invitations to a big list of friends. You could send one email with everyone in bcc. Instead, if you email your friends by greeting them by their first name, they are going to feel valued. And they would be more willing to accept your invite. However, sending each email individually looks cumbersome, unless you have heard about … [Read more...]

How to Send Mass Personalized Emails with Microsoft Office Mail Merge

Mail Merge Word 2010

Microsoft Office provides Mail Merge utility that you can use to send personalized emails or create personalized letters in no time. Creating each email or letter individually could take hours. Mail merge can automate this task so you can do it in minutes. It allows you to use a message template with some personalized fields like recipients name, address etc. Just like my friend used mail merge, you can use it to send personalized emails to your friends for weddings and party celebrations. If … [Read more...]