Socialize Your Blog with GetSocial WordPress Plugin

I recently released my first WordPress plugin – GetSocial. It had 550+ downloads within 24 hours which was certainly overwhelming for me. So what does GetSocial do? It makes your blog more social by adding a lightweight and intelligent floating social media sharing box (see it on the left?) to your blog posts. It is similar to the floating box on Mashable website but with a different behavior when you resize your window.

Why Add GetSocial to Your Blog?

GetSocial WordPress Plugin Allowing your visitors to easily share your blog posts  to their social networks has the potential to bring viral traffic and new visitors to your blog. Letting your visitors share the content easily without having to scroll back and forth provides a good user experience. GetSocial’s floating social share box will never go out of sight.

GetSocial is compatible with the leading web browsers and allows you to add social networks of your choice to the sharing box. It provides Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and StumbleUpon functionality out of the box and allows you to add/remove more buttons. Minimal settings allow you to configure it easily and quickly.

GetSocial is designed to auto-adjust itself to all screen resolutions and window sizes. Unlike Mashable, it automatically hides itself partially to the left of the screen if window is resized to smaller than defined width. Hovering over a partially hidden GetSocial box displays the full box. For higher screen resolutions/larger screen sizes, it displays full by default.

More importantly the scripts are loaded in the footer. So users will not experience delay in page loading.

Does GetSocial Suit My Blog Theme

If you are using a theme that has its sidebars to the right and main content to left side, GetSocial will suit you the most. As GetSocial box floats to the left of the content, if you have a sidebar on left, GetSocial may not aesthetically fit your theme.

If you would like to change the background colors and other CSS, you can add those changes to your theme’s CSS file. Simply copy the elements you wish to edit from the getsocial.css file to your theme’s style.css and edit. getsocial.css is located in /wp-content/plugins/getsocial/lib folder of your blog.

More Information

Download GetSocial | GetSocial Homepage | Demo (<<See it on the left)

Need Help Customizing GetSocial?

If you need any assistance, simply add a comment below or ask me on Twitter or post your questions on the GetSocial forum. Let me know how it goes. Does GetSocial work well with your blog or it breaks? Please share your experience and feedback in comments. I would highly appreciate your inputs!


  1. xia says

    Hi, Love the plugin. I use mostly wordpress pages, not posts, in my site. Can GetSocial also show up on pages? I tried changing the “is_single” in the php to “is_single || is_page” but it still will not show up on my pages?

    Can you tell me how to use it on pages? I hope there’s a way.


    • says

      There are 3-4 places where you need to make this change and it should work. Thanks for your suggestion, I will include this change in the next plugin release :)

  2. says

    I like the idea of customizing which social networks appear. Most other plugins aren’t as flexible as I’d like. I’ll be installing tomorrow.

  3. says

    Hi.. it look like great plugin..
    I’m also looking this plugin..
    I think i want try use this plugin at my blog..

      • says

        Your welcome..
        anyway, I’m already install this plugin..
        but i don’t know why it not appear in my blog..

        • says

          If you are using Javascript minification via some plugin, probably wp-minify, try deactivating it and check. or at least exclude the javascript files added by GetSocial from being combined by minify plugin. The Javascript included with the plugin is already a minified version, so no harm excluding it from the minification.

  4. Deb says

    I’d like to modify the color scheme? purples just don’t work with the sites I would like to use this on….

    • says

      You can tweak the getsocial.css file as necessary to suit your site color scheme. Best way would be to copy the contents of getsocial.css to your theme’s style.css file and edit it there. This way you wont lose the changes when the plugin is upgraded.

  5. says

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    Thanks a lot ,Owen