Social Metrics Pro Gets a Super Speed Boost with v2.5

A BIG Thank You to All My CustomersI officially launched Social Metrics Pro plugin in August this year. The response has been nothing less than awesome. Since the first version was out, I have received a lot of feedback from my customers, positive and at times not as positive. I have made it a point to look at all the praise and criticism I receive as an opportunity to create better things in life. This has pushed me to improve my offering further. Just working on the refinements suggested by my valued customers, I have been able to release small and big updates periodically. This has really helped me build a solid customer base without having to do a lot of promotion and advertising.

For those who are new, Social Metrics Pro is the only Social Media Analytics plugin for WordPress. It works for self-hosted WordPress installations. You can track tweets, likes, +1s and more for all your posts right from your WordPress admin area (Read more here).

Today, I am ready to announce a major version update – version 2.5. Social Metrics Pro 2.5 supersedes version 2.0 and promises huge benefits.

Highlights of Social Metrics Pro 2.5

  • Social Metrics Pro DashboardAutomatic and manual data refresh options
  • With silent data refreshes in the background, the information is always ready when you want it
  • Faster online report generation with sorting across all posts
  • Fuller and blazing fast exports to Excel
  • Export custom search queries and filters and work with only the data you want
  • Active reporting of processing times and memory usage for every report
  • Code Optimization for speed and performance

With Social Metrics Pro 2.5, the type of web hosting you use would not matter anymore. Whether you host your blog on a shared hosting server, a VPS cloud or on a dedicated server, Social Metrics Pro will serve you the reports with great speeds without compromising the server performance.

A BIG Thank You to Each One of My Customers! YOU ROCK!

This release would not have been possible without the support and goodwill of all my customers. Although I have not been able to incorporate every feature request I received, rest assured, I will have something for you soon. I want to thank each and every one of you for choosing Social Metrics Pro and giving me the opportunity to serve you. You are the sole inspiration for me to continue to build upon this plugin.

The new version is available for immediate download on the Social Metrics Pro homepage.

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