Tech Savvy Or Not, Here It Comes


It has been many years, but once I attended a week-long seminar and one of the classes listed in the catalog was entitled, “Technology: Friend or Foe?” My friend and I laughed and laughed at that. We were really young and couldn’t understand why technology would be a foe to anyone. At a mature age it’s now more evident how technology can be a foe. If it replaces what is really important in life (i.e., family relationships, service, real connections) then technology is obstructing our ability to … [Read more...]

Business Jeans: The Power Denims

business jeans

If Obama can wear them, so can you. Jeans are now acceptable everywhere: from the boardroom to the nightclub. Here’s how to charge up your denims. Work & Business Jeans Jeans are the new formal trousers: Wear your denims to work – but choose a plain, solid coloured pair that looks as good as new whenever you wear it. Refrain from choosing pale or light colours for the office or styles that use attention-seeking buttons instead of rivets, embroidery, prominent branding or any other colour … [Read more...]

Movie Review: 3 Idiots

3 idiots

Sharman Joshi’s character Raju represents the lonely hope for lower income group India. His family can barely meet three meals a day. The father is old and ill; sister unmarried; mother in poor shape. A professional degree, preferably engineering, is the only route for Raju to rise above this. On his young shoulders rest his family’s dreams … [Read more...]

Nine Tech Gadgets of 2009

tech gadgets

This has been one gadget-packed year: a zillion phones (and 500 million mobile users in India), the rise of the netbook, 3G data cards, power-packed cameras with incredible resolutions and HD video... So if you’re planning on some Christmas shopping, here’s my selection of nine candidates: bits of tech from among the many that 2009 had, that will serve you well into 2010 and beyond. … [Read more...]