How to Send Large Files over the Internet


© If you need to send large files to someone over the Internet, easiest way is to send them as email attachments. However this is not the best solution as most email servers providers cap the attachment file size (for both incoming and outgoing emails). Even if your email service allows you to send large files, you can’t be sure if the recipient email service will accept it. Let’s look at how you can easily send large files for free. … [Read more...]

How to Use Dropbox to Sync and Share Files Easily


Cloud storage is the buzzword of the internet industry today and there are handful of cloud storage providers. The Dropbox is one service that clearly stands out from crowd. Sharing files and accessing them from anywhere is easier with Dropbox than you might have thought. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a popular web service that offers online cloud storage letting you sync files across computers and mobile phones. Dropbox is available for all popular OS and mobile platforms. Use Dropbox to bring … [Read more...]

Backup and Sync Files Online While On the Go


iPhone, Blackberry or Android, whatever you use, here are some useful mobile apps you can use to backup and sync files online while on the move. These are cool apps that let you store, sync and share files online and make them accessible from almost anywhere. Files saved on one computer can be accessed from all your laptops, desktops and smartphones. … [Read more...]

The 3 Most Useful Banking Apps for Your iPhone


When it comes to the iPhone app store, probably the most important step it has made in the past few years is the inclusion of some excellent banking solutions, which help the public keep an eager eye on their financial situation wherever they happen to be. While most of the regular banks in the US now have their own apps, these are only useful to those who use them, so what are the three best ones that anyone can use to track their spending or income? … [Read more...]