How Can I Recycle This?

Find innovative ways to recycle thingsEver wondered how to recycle or reuse the unwanted stuff in your household? Heres how to. provides a whole lot of creative ideas to recycle or reuse things. Here, you will find ideas to recycle almost anything from lollypop sticks to home PCs, old household items, broken chairs, empty containers and so on.

Go Green
CC image: lumaxart

You will find just about anything you can think of. Simply type the name of the item you wish to recycle in the search box provided and you will find innovative ways to recycle it. If you did not find the item, you can suggest it and the item will soon be added to the website. New items are added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. is run by Louisa Parry and John Leach from the UK. Enjoy the site and also get inspired to reduce, reuse and recycle!