Now Use Google to Translate Webpages to Hindi

Google has recently added Hindi translation services to its online translation tool – Google Translate Beta.

You can even translate entire web pages to Hindi from any of the supported languages. And all this comes absolutely free. To see this in action, click here. translated in Hindi via Google Translate

Although, translation is sometimes erroneous, it still does a fairly wonderful job. But hang on. Google is working towards making the Hindi translation services even better. A few other Indian languages will soon be added as well.

Suggest a better translationEven you can help Google to improve Hindi translations and minimize errors. Whenever you find that a particular translation is incorrect or inappropriate, simply hover your mouse over the translated text. A popup box (as shown on the right) will appear next to the text showing you the original text and a link to suggest a better translation. You can contribute appropriate translations to help Google improve the service.