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GetSocial WordPress Plugin

GetSocial adds an intelligent, lightweight, quick to setup floating social media bar to your blog posts.

Now Powering Over 34.3 Million Pages and 50k+ Blogs!


  • GetSocial WordPress PluginFloating social media box compatible with leading web browsers
  • Out-of-the-box functionality like
    • Twitter Tweet Button
    • Facebook Like button
    • Google +1 button
    • New: Buffer Button
    • New: Pinterest Button
    • New: LinkedIn Button
    • Stumbleupon Submit button
    • Digg Button
  • Easily add any number of additional social media sharing buttons
  • Always visible and accessible even if the user scrolls down the page
  • Auto-adjusts itself to all screen resolutions and window sizes
  • Automatically hides itself partially to the left of the screen if window is resized to smaller than defined width
  • Hovering over a partially hidden GetSocial bar displays the full bar
  • For higher screen resolutions, displays full by default
  • Options to add the social media bar to posts, pages and homepage
  • Options to disable the social media bar on individual posts/pages
  • Color Picker to customize colors to match your blog theme.
  • Improved and user-frindly settings page
  • Re-order buttons with simple drag-and-drop
  • Resize GetSocial share bar width (useful for non-English blogs)
  • Hide individual share counts if desired
  • Lightweight plugin with minimal settings
  • GetSocial scripts are loaded in footer to improve page-load time. Scripts can optionally be loaded in header if your theme does not support the wp_footer WordPress hook

Download GetSocial Plugin Free

Installing the GetSocial Plugin

Upload the GetSocial plugin folder to your plugins directory, activate it and it should work out of the box. Detailed instructions follow:

  1. Extract and upload the getsocial folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings page and adjust the options as described there.
  4. Review and Save Changes.
  5. Floating social sharing box will now appear on all blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to add additional social media sharing buttons to the floating share bar?

Simply add the HTML code for the additional buttons under the ‘Additional buttons’ options in the settings page. Enclose each button within <div class="sharebutton"> and </div> tags. For example:

<div class="sharebutton">
<!-- Code for additional button 1 -->
<div class="sharebutton">
<!-- Code for additional button 2 -->

Nothing happens when I hover over partially hidden GetSocial bar

Set the Browser Width option in the Settings page to suit the maximum width of your theme. For example, if your theme’s width is 1000px, you may set the browser width to 1140px (1000 + 140) or slighly higher. Try out different values of browser width and set the one that gives desired behaviour.

I have activated the GetSocial plugin but the floating social media bar does not show up. What could be wrong?

Make sure that you have selected the desired Display options on the Settings page and saved the changes. If the sharing box still does not appear, it could be because your theme does not use the standard WordPress function wp_footer(). You can try one of the following options:

Add following code to your theme’s template (possibly in footer.php) just before the </body> tag:

<?php wp_footer(); ?> 

OR Add following code to footer.php just before the </body> tag or in header.php after opening <body> tag:

<?php if (function_exists('add_getsocial_scripts')) { 
if (function_exists('add_getsocial_box')) { 
} } ?> 

How do I add the email and more buttons from

Please refer to How to Customize GetSocial with CSS3 Buttons.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail()…

If you see this message, your theme may not be supporting post thumbnails. To enable post thumbnails, your theme must include add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' ); in its functions.php file. Add the below line to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

Where can I report a bug or submit feature requests?

Please drop a comment below, or ask me on Twitter.


GetSocial WordPress Plugin

GetSocial WordPress Plugin

GetSocial Plugin with Floating Social Media buttons

Visible even after scrolling down

GetSocial Plugin - Smartly hides on resizing the window

Smartly hides on resizing the window

Hovering over will show the full view

Hovering over will show the full view


  1. Gazalla says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    For some reason, my facebook like is no longer there in my Get Social bar leaving behind a gaping, ugly hole in middle of the GetSocial bar. I went to settings and clicked on the Facebook like to reactivate and clicked on save settings – for some reason, the save settings button is not activated (I tried to click on it several times) and I’m unable to save my changes! Please help. Thanks.

  2. Karen says:


    I love the plugin but we are having a problem. We did an update to the site which included changing the browser title and description. The SEO has been updated. But, the GetSocial is not updating. When you click, for instance, Facebook Send, it shows the old browser title and description.

    How do we update this information? I have had two programmers try to fix it and they can’t.

    Please help – this is holding up launch of the site.



  3. Respected sir
    how can i remove share text and make alienment in center in floating bar please help.

  4. Hello,

    GetSocial bar isn’t floating.
    Can you advice?


  1. Ana says:

    Hi there, I have been using GetSocial since i started with my website, around one year… Today, all my Facebook likes and share have disappeared, there is only G+ and tweet… Can I do something to get them back? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Riyaz says:


      This could happen only if you make any changes to Permalink structure on your site. This is because Facebook/Twitter treat the changed urls as different from the old urls. 301 redirects may not help.

      However, I do see the shares and likes on your site e.g. So it might be a temporary hiccup in Facebook API.

  2. kera says:

    love this plugin…
    has a few glitches, but nothing i can’t cope with…
    what i NEED tho, is there an easy way to HIDE or MOVE when viewing on mobile?
    or am i stuck with CSS?

    • Riyaz says:


      You could use media queries in your css to hide the box on mobile devices. e.g. adding following code at the end of your theme’s css file should help:

      /* Mobile screens (portrait and landscape) ———– */
      @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
      .getsocial {
      display: none !important;

  3. I have created a website using WordPress. After trying various social plug-ins, I finally installed GetSocial for use on my home page, especially as I liked the idea of the floating menu.

    However it does not seem to obey the Settings I chose, or float in the way I wanted. When I select “Hide initially”, the box does not appear on my front page at all. I have now activated GetSocial for my other sub-pages, and on those pages it does everything I ask. How can I make it behave on the Home page in exactly the same as it does on the other pages?


  4. Brett says:

    The Facebook option is showing an error: “The href URL must be absolute”
    Please advise. Thanks!

  5. saad says:

    that is so nice

  6. John says:

    Has this plug in been fixed, or debugged?

  7. Ryan says:

    The Facebook like button is not showing! It’s turned on. Is there a bug or a problem???

  8. kingsam says:

    The facebook like button does not display

  9. Fritz says:

    The facebook like button does not display the likes correctly. It displays it as 2.3 m likes even though it’s way less than that.
    Is this a bug?

  10. Gary says:

    Have your plugin on my site. I tried it with Facebook Like and the pop-up dialog for facebook shows clipped with no ability to see what I’m typing.

  11. Carlos says:

    Sorry, but in my plugins page, GetSocial is not marked as ready to be updated. I cannot see any button to upload it either. How can I update the plugin? Do I need to deactivate it and activate it again? Will that loose all the “likes” and retweets gathered until now?

    Thank you

  12. Daniel says:

    This solved the issues of the facebook ‘like’ as well. Thank you!

  13. Riyaz says:

    Hi All,
    Please update to the latest version of GetSocial plugin 1.7.5 and let me know if you still face issues with Facebook Like button.
    Thank you for your patience!

  14. Carlos says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    the same problem here. The Facebook button show an error in Chrome. With Firefox and Safari it works fine:

    Any idea/solution?

  15. Drew says:

    I have the same “Error” for Facebook button, all others work though. It was working before, maybe something got updated and messed it up (I’m a dev, I’m familiar). This post (or ANY post on my blog) shows the FB error on the bar:

    When I preview the posts, the FB button seems to work. So I’m guessing that when I preview it uses the ‘real url’ blog/?p=1603 or whatever, but when the pretty urls show it doesn’t. Hope that may help.

  16. nhlabornews says:
    • Riyaz says:

      I could see all buttons working on the above link. Looks like the error is intermittent. Will check if I can reproduce the error and release an update. Please hang on.

      • Kelly says:

        Have you tried with different browsers? I find that it happens most frequently with Chrome, and less often with Firefox and IE. But it’s strange, on your site it works in chrome, but mine appears broken most of the time. Thank you for your assistance.

  17. nhlabornews says:

    “The href URL must be absolute”

    This is what I get when i click the error on the get social bar. When will this problem be fixed, or when will someone tell us what is wrong?

  18. Madison says:

    Mine will no longer float and scroll as it did, it is just sitting in the same spot on the page.

  19. Kate says:

    I love your floating sidebar and have used it for ages. I have just noticed that when I click the share buttons for any of the platforms (except LinkedIn) it shares a really old blog post – not the page that it is current;y on.
    For example test it with this page : and you will see that it shares an old article – not the actual one.
    Thanks in advance!

  20. Daniel says:

    I am using your plugin which is great by the way! But today I seem to be having a problem with the facebook button. I have tried the different options “Like Button” and “Like + Send” but still get the following error:

    In the social box, it displays ‘Error’ in red in place of the facebook part. When I click on this, a window opens and displays (from Facebook) “The href URL must be absolute”.

    This has been working fine up until today. I have done a search through Facebook and even a Google hunt, but have been unable to find anything related to this – plus I see that yours is working fine.

  21. Yass says:

    Hi Riyaz
    i have installed the plugin and everything works fine, except my whole website on pages and posts have white space on the right hand side within the page and posts, so the contents drops to next paragraph what do you think the problem is from.


  22. Linda says:

    I have little issue with your plugin. When I installed get social plugin on my site all was fine until a few weeks ago, then Facebook button simple vanished. I didn’t change anything in the plugin settings, simply FB button not appearing anymore? Tried to change from “like + count” to “like” and the issue didn’t fix. Any suggestions?

  23. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    just a couple of things! I have just installed the plugin on my blog but under the admin area it’s not letting me drag and drop the positions of the buttons! also the background and border is not showing up on the blog itself!
    have looked at the code but it’s a little complex for me!
    Many thanks and a great plugin so far!
    Phillip Dews

  24. Edd says:

    Hi there

    Someone who set up my website installed Get Social onto it which is great but given that I am a complete novice with all this I cant figure out how I change one of the destination addresses in a social media link. Im trying to change the Facebook icon to go to a different account rather than the one its on.I’m using Thesis?…oh and I have no experience of using codes etc

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Sean says:

    When someone clicks on the tweet button, it only shows the title of the page or topic, not the url or even tiny url. Any ideas? I am testing this on a localhost.

  26. Tarciana says:

    I have 2 questions:
    – How can I remove the facebook count and still keep the Like button?
    – When I like a post (in facebook for example) the picture that showed up with the facebook like has nothing to do with the post. It seems it randomly picked a picture from the website. How does that work?
    I appreciate your help!

  27. Karma says:

    Hey, thanks for making this plugin. Just want to let you know that I had to deactivate it because it causes the page to hang. Not a huge problem, but basically even though the page is loaded, the cursor keeps spinning and the refresh button still has the stop option, as if the page is still loading, indefinitely. Maybe not a problem for some, but I’m worried it could affect SEO (because Google takes into account the load time of your site).

    Thanks for all your hard work on this!

  28. matt says:

    Please make it so I can add either the WP Shortlinks or to Twitter shares

  29. Bethe says:

    Hi: I added it to my site — followed the directions and saved changes. The share bar is not showing up at all. Any help? Thanks!

  30. Scott says:

    When someone tries to use the Pinterest button it doesn’t populate the image, it just uses a black WordPress “Generating Preview” image. Sometimes it just uses a screenshot of the entire page. That’s the problem on the posts. On the homepage the Pinterest button doesn’t allow you to select an image and the entire vertical bar doesn’t align to the left of the content, it just sticks to the far left of the browser window.

  31. khoi says:

    plug seems to be working but on every single post when i press a button to post, it posts a different page. this is the only page it will post

  32. Alberto says:

    I have an Italian site.I’d like to have an option to select the language for the Facebook button.

  33. James says:


    Can you please help me figure out why for some sites the bar wont go closer in to the blog section even though I have modified the settings accordingly and it has worked for other sites…
    It happens on the home page and posts page.

    Is there any way we could get this bar on the category pages?

    I look forward to hearing back.

    Thank you,


  34. Brian S. says:

    Plugin works fine but the facebook icon does not appear in the floating panel. Everything else works fine, why would facebook not? See here on dev site:

  35. Dimitrije says:

    Hi, i have problem, my wordpress theme haves some special pages with subname raw. however in some of those pages like i videos posts ( i dont get plugin… but in all others i do, how to fix it, like manualy adding some code or somthin. Thanks

  36. Anne says:

    Love the plugin – we just installed it. The Facebook share button does not display though. I am in Firefox and WP is version 3.4.1. I’ve tried both options, Like Button and Like + Send. Any fixes?

  37. Devin says:

    Hi there,
    Great plugin. Might be better if there was a way to open social a new tab rather than having visitors leave my site entirely.

    Any instructions?

  38. maurice says:

    when people click on the “like” button it doesnt like. whats wrong?

  39. Stephen says:

    I have installed this plugin.
    The problem I’m experiencing with it is that it initially displays on page load then simply disappears. Do you know what the problem is? I tested it in FireFox and Chrome: same thing. Thanks.

  40. Kes says:


    I’m getting reports that the Facebook like button doesn;t work for some visitors. I’ve just tried and can like some older posts but not a recent one. This has happened a few times before to me but now other poeple are having the same problem.

    Can you help?

  41. Glen says:

    Just testing out your GetSocial plugin. I like it much, much better than others I’ve tried. But wanted to share some feedback.

    I am using WordPress and self-hosted with the Atahualpa theme. I’ve discovered two glitches that I though you would be interested in. The first, and more importantly, is that when selecting the “Hide Initially” option, the Facebook “Like” button will not display. Otherwise, it displays fine. I’ve tested this several times. It happens in all browsers; IE, Firefox, Google and Safari. I have tested other themes, including WordPress default theme, getting the same results.

    Second, the “Additional Buttons” box can not be edited in Firefox. However, in the other browsers there is no problem. I don’t know yet if this is a function that requires a Firefox plugin / addon or not.


  42. Chris says:

    The floating bar does not float, it simply scrolls with the page. Could you tell form my source code why and help me?

    Thank you.

    PS: I already added the footer code too… didnt help

  43. Nathanael says:

    Hi, was wondering if there’s a way to use a shortener on the url for the tweet button. As you can see, my url is ridiculously long, posts often end up being over 75 characters.

  44. David says:


    Nice plugin. I just noticed that the facebook like button does not display though. It used to. Maybe due to a recent plugin update?


  45. Matt says:

    Hey Riaz,

    Love your products, for some reason it seems that the like box is not showing up on my posts while using firefox. It seems to work well with other browsers.. do you know of any code I may need to change. Or what might be causing this issue. Thank again for your great products. have a great day, and I’m looking forward to your response.

    Thank you,

  46. Iain Mallory says:


    thanks for a cool plugin but i have a problem with smartphone browsers. The floating sharing box blocks out the posts and is driving mobile users away, can this please be adapted somehow. Worst case scenario add a remove from mobile access option?

  47. Drazen says:


    I am using your plugin on Thesis theme and when I activate it I get this error under “Additional buttons” box, I cannot edit it nor delete it.

    You can check it live on the website, please advise how to fix it.

    • Riyaz says:

      I guess you might be using an older version of WordPress. The plugin requires WordPress 3.3+.

      • Drazen says:

        Yeah, it might have been an older version the first time. I have updated WordPress to the latest version, deactivated and deleted GetSocial plugin and tried again, but the same thing appears.

        Fatal error: Call to undefined function esc_textarea() in ;/home/acmemark/public_html/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 879

        Are there any known plugins that might cause conflict with GetSocial plugin? Or any other suggestions?

        • Riyaz says:

          Try deleting the content of textarea. Maybe it was saved earlier. If you are using Firefox, try other browsers like Chrome. Some versions of Firefox don’t seem to work well with this settings page, not allowing user to edit the contents.

  48. Kevag says:

    Hi there, today i notice than the facebook icon , doesnt appear in the social bar ? Any ideas

  49. Theresa Sheridan says:

    The vertical share bar is not in the proper position on the multi-posts page (, and even though I have the box checked to NOT display on this page, AND I have removed it from posts in the plugin’s settings page, it still appears. If it was in the correct place, I would leave it, but I want it next to the left sidebar, as it is on all the other pages.
    Any ideas how I can fix this please?

  50. Hi, still having the button icon loading issue. At least one is missing almost every time. Any tips on that front?

    • Riyaz says:

      I can see all the icons on your blog posts. Maybe some network issue. I would recommend using caching plugins like W3 Total Cache to speed up your site.

  51. Edd says:

    Hi There

    Is there a way of adding a YouTube link?
    I had a web developer/designer do my website and they added the GetSocial plugin for me but I can’t get hold of them to see about adding YouTube to the plugin.
    Please bare in mind I’m a complete novice!

    Many thanks in advance


  52. Kes says:


    Is there a way to main social count after rdirecting URLs? I found this article below but wondered if there was an built in function. if not then it would be a mega feature to add. You’d solve a lot of peoples problems

  53. Whitt Madden says:

    Whenever people are not logged in to the website, the social bar does not show. It only shows up after a user logs in? When you click on a post you see the slider for about 1 second, then it disappears.

  54. Riyaz says:

    For those of you using Firefox 15+ and not able to click into Additional Buttons section, here’s a workaround. Click on Twitter Username field on top and press the tab keys till you get to the Additional buttons section. Once you see the cursor inside the Additional Buttons section, you can type in or paste your code. To remove the code, use Ctrl+A to select all and Delete or Cut/Paste. Hope this helps.

  55. Arnaldo says:

    Hello, Riyaz.

    I really liked your Getsocial plugin!

    I can translate the labels “Like” and “send” into Portuguese. Thank you.


  56. Max says:

    I would like to know if it is possible to fix an absolute position fors this plugin on the screen (ex: always at the left-center of the page even when someone is scrolling down) ?

    Thank you so much in advance

    • Riyaz says:

      You can use the Positioning options in the plugin settings to define where you want the plugin to show up. You can set the initial offset and offset from top after scrolling to the same value. This will make the plugin stationary at a position of your choice.

  57. Theresa Sheridan says:

    Can I remove this from individual pages? I’ve tried using some custom CSS, but since your div has no ID, I can’t get it to work with just the class.
    Any tips on how to do this?

    • Riyaz says:

      When you open any post/page for editing, on Edit Page screen, you have an option “uHide GetSocial box on this post/page”. You could use to hide the box on individual posts/pages. If you cant see this option, be sure to enable it from screen options section in the top right.

  58. Not sure who you are asking, but my URL is

    In addition to some buttons failing to resolve, I’m also having the problem Andy describes. I can see the box for adding code, but I can’t type in it. Frustrating.


  59. Hello, great looking plugin and I’m excited to use. However, it loads very inconsistently — usually at least one of the sharing icons is missing. Any thoughts on how I could improve?

  60. Andy says:

    I am unable to click within the ‘Additional buttons’ field to paste in code. There is a “Free Course: “Practical Social Media Marketing” ad on the right side of the GetSocial Settings page that is covering the right side of the ‘Additional buttons’ field. Any suggestions?

  61. steve g says:

    The get social bar doesn’t scroll, it just moves witht the page. Also, it positioned all the way to the left of my browser and changing the offset settings doesn’t do anything. Any suggestions? I’m using woo themes.

  62. Pankaj says:

    This plugin sometimes won’t show the Facebook Like and Share Option.. but show other sharing option…Won’t able to figure it out….

    Need Help..

    • riyaz says:

      You can see it on the left. It might be a browser issue. Try clearing your cache or open the page in another browser.

  63. Dave Marino says:

    The following feature is not working on our site.
    “Simply drag and drop the boxes below to re-order the buttons on GetSocial bar.”
    I cannot drag and drop any of the buttons to be in a different order. I cannot figure
    out why.
    Please help.

  64. Ryan says:

    Great plugin! One question… the Pinterest button cannot locate an image (my images are featured images but not in the post). Is there a work-around for that? It’s important for me to have an easy “pin” on my site.


  65. Trey says:

    My social bar stays to the left side. The .socialbar class never changes to position:fixed; It says absolute.

  66. Henrik says:


    Great plugin.. I have one smaller problem.. I use the plugin on my posts and it looks great with the location of the plugin – but on the homepage its like it will not move it location… it keeps sticking to the far left…. am I doing something wrong?

    best regards, Henrik

  67. Makis says:

    I noticed that when try to load socialbar on my homepage it doesnt align correctly as setup in settings.

  68. Brendan says:

    I wanted to add this plugin to my pages as well … is this possible? Not just the blog post but also the pages …

  69. Adam Parry says:

    Hi is there a way i can go in to the plugin files and change the pixels that the buttons are from the left hand side of the bar i would like to make them look more central

  70. Wendy Lynne says:

    I keep getting a pink box showing up at the bottom of my pages saying:
    Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App’s settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App’s domains.

    How do I get rid of that?

  71. Bruno says:

    Hey mate, thanks for this awesome plugin!

    I’ve been trying to get all social buttons to align to the right border of each button instead of the default left (they are still left from my content, but their borders is also aligned left)

    I’ve read all comments here and tried changing both the .php and .css files but to no avail

    could you please help me out?


  72. Arthur Santisteban says:

    The Drag and Drop functions is not working on the social media buttons.

  73. Shaguna says:

    Thanks for the great plugin! I’m unable to view the sharing bar on custom post type. Is there’s a configuration that i’m missing or the plugin doesn’t support this. Second option seems unlikely as Social Metrics does display custom posts as well. This is the only feature that is preventing me to use the GetSocial plugin on my website.

  74. Wendy Lynne says:

    It has been working fine, but today for some reason it is not showing up on the site. I checked and it is still activated?


  75. Nina says:


    We’re using this on our site and having issues. For one, the count is set to numbers that aren’t accurate. The Pinterest button will not generate the thumbnail of the picture you’re trying to pin. I chose to hide it until it can be sorted out, yet it’s still appearing at the button of all the posts.

  76. Alex says:

    The drag and drop function on the social media buttons is not working

  77. Hi, I just installed you plugin. Works great except for the fact that the facebook like button is not retroactively snycing with the past likes. Or does it just starting counting the likes from the time you installed it? Thanks for you help.

    David S.

    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin simply displays the official Like button from Facebook. So if you recently changed permalinks, Facebook may not count the older urls. It is suggested to have Facebook Open Graph meta on your pages as well as use canonical urls.

  78. jay says:

    This about the below comment. I keep on submitting the url but it doesn’t appear on the forum. The url is

    • Riyaz says:

      Well, the description is automatically picked up by Facebook from your site’s meta. The plugin does not provide it. You might want to try adding Facebook Open Graph meta tags to your pages, so that the information you want can be displayed.

      • jay says:

        I installed Facebook Open Graph meta but always wrong posts are shared not the post I’m trying to share.

  79. jay says:

    When i like from home page “This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.” text is shared on facebook. I deleted this page it doesn’t exist on my wordpress but it still shares this text.

  80. Nikhil says:


    after the update, the stumbleupon doesn’t seem to work. help me regarding this.

  81. Peter says:

    Hi there,

    This is a great plugin. Thanks.

    How can we have it displayed on all the pages including the home page, categories, authors pages and…. ?

    Best regards,

  82. Philip says:

    Nevermind im an idiot. :)

  83. Philip says:

    Hi.. Awesome plugin that works so much better than some premium plugins.
    One little thing, how do you get rid of the vertical “SHARE” text in the bottom?

    Best regards,

  84. The pin it button doesn’t work, as we all know, I assume it has something to do with the latest version of wordpress.
    But, when I implement the pinterest widget that they have on their site it also will not pin nor work at all on my site.

    BUT when I press the pin it button that I have saved in my bookmarks it works normally!

    so this widget does not work in the getsocial sidebar

  85. Peter says:


    Thank you for such a good plugin.

    How is it possible to have GetSocial bar displayed on all of the pages, including the categories and authors pages?

    Thank you.

  86. Jennifer says:

    The Pinterest button isn’t working on the getsocial plug in. Can you please fix it? I really want to be able to pin it. Thank you!

  87. nikhil says:

    hi, you can check out the posts on my blog. It is not scrolling down.. remains stationary.. help me out.

  88. Dan says:

    I noticed that in the settings, there is no option to hide the Facebook share count. Is there another way to do this?

  89. Free CMS says:

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Kellan says:

    I cannot get the Pinterest icon to appear. All of the others appear and operate normally.

  91. Sue says:

    I am getting the following when I activate the plugin. I have deactivated the plugin for now.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /home/content/20/8761420/html/interviewtechniquesonline/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 116
    Any ideas?

  92. Madison says:

    I am having the same problems as others where the sharing bar is no longer floating, however, when I tried to implement the fix discussed in these comments I just get a piece of plain text with that code snippet on the footer of my site and nothing is fixed. Any ideas? Thanks!

  93. Ash says:

    Hey Riyaz,
    Thanks for your work on getting this helpful tool going.
    I seem to be having the same problem as the previous few comments before me. It is sticking to the far left and will not float.
    Any suggestions?
    I have attempted to put in the coding in the css file as mentioned above by alex but still no change.
    Thanks again!

    • Riyaz says:

      I could see it working on your site. It could be a browser cache issue.

      • Ash says:

        Yeah, i tried the code .getsocial {position: fixed;} as mentioned by alex below in the footer.php editor section instead of the .css section and that seems to have cleard it up!
        Thanks for checking!

        • Ash says:

          hey riyaz,

          One thing I cant seem to shake though is the parse error that keeps occurring at the bottom of any post that has the bar on it. I have eliminated any symbol that it says is ‘unexpected’ but then it just says that there is a T_STRING error.
          Any ideas on how i can fix this?

          Thanks again for the help…

  94. alex says:

    Add the following to your site wide CSS file which can be accessed in the admin section of your wordoress:

    .getsocial {position: fixed;}

    that will keep it stationary

  95. Samuel says:

    I just installed the GetSocial plugin. The bar is not stationary when I scroll. It stays at the top of the page.

  96. Risa says:

    It says Invalid URL. It works one day and not the next. Please help. I am new to all of this.


  97. Darcie says:

    Thank you for this simple social plugin- it doesn’t “take-over” my site and yet provides the social connect. Only one hiccup – I can’t seem to get the “Pin It” button to work.

    Thanks for your help

    • Mary says:

      I have the same problem. I checked Pinterest but the “Pinit” button does not show up. Can someone help us with it? I really want the “Pinit” button.

      Thanks a lot!

  98. I love this plugin but…

    it doesn’t want to work on my site.

    Does it have issues with either the Thesis theme or W3 Total Cache?

    Thanks, hope to get this working soon, its a very valuable plugin.


  99. Steve says:

    Thanks for the plugin.
    On my site the plugin doesn’t float and stays to side of the browser window instead of to the content.
    Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

    • Jonny says:

      I have the same issue with you, at first it works really good, after I install W3 total cache, it stops floating..
      But W3 total cache is too important for a WP site, I can’t uninstall it.
      How to solve this problem?
      The plugin shows up, but doesn’t change the position or float.

  100. Cristina says:

    I’m trying to add the Pinterest button but it won’t show up. What am I doing wrong?

  101. Hello,

    I have just installed your plugin and it looks fantastic…

    However when I scroll down the page the bar disappears… shouldn’t it stay in a fixed place?


  102. dave says:

    I’m getting this error message with your plugin
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /home/dgreeker/public_html/ on line 116

    any thoughts, thanks

    • alex says:

      hey Dave,

      place the following line of code in your functions.php file
      add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

      hit update, and it should solve the problem

  103. Michael says:

    Additional buttons: I added code for additional buttons in an earlier plugin version. With the latest version, the code was automatically ported over but now I can’t delete it. In fact, I can’t even select the text in the box. How can this be fixed? Thanks.

    • Riyaz says:

      It could be a compatibility issue with another plugin or could be browser issue. Try checking from another browser. I have not been able to reproduce this issue in my test environment, so not sure what could be wrong. As a workaround, you could switch back to older version and remove the code and then switch to the recent one.

    • Micah says:

      I have the exact same problem

      • Micah says:

        Just a heads up, the problem was in Firefox. I tried it in Chrome and everything worked just fine. Just so everyone knows. :)

  104. Tarik says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Can you let me know if i can have a custom distance from the top on just the home page?
    Because i have banners etc on the home page the offset is different

  105. Nadson says:

    Hi, the icon “digg” and “pin it” isn’t appearing in get social floating bar. I tested a lot of times and nothing.
    Thanks for your attention.
    All the best.

  106. chitgoks says:

    my blog crashes after updating to the latest version

  107. Olga says:

    Hi Riyaz – Thank you so much for the great plugin! It works like a charm. The only question: is there any way to make it stay always at the very far left? On some of my pages the plugin appears to be at the far left, and on some of them it is close to the content. I want it to behave similarly everywhere. Thanks again!

  108. Hey LOVE the plugin, work great. But i cant get pinterest to show up on either site.
    One it WP 3.3.2, the other 3.3.1
    Every other options works fine.

  109. Mars says:

    I just installed it and it’s not showing Facebook in the floating display. It shows up in the options, and I tried with and without send, but it doesn’t show up. Ideas?

  110. C says:

    Just downloaded and installed and get this error – Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail()

  111. Lynsey says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the nice plugin – I just installed it for a client’s wordpress site. Unfortunately I’m getting a couple error messages:

    “Notice: Undefined index: page in /home/…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 101″

    and also, on the plugin settings page, these errors are appearing below each button setting option:

    “Notice: Undefined index: HTTPS in /home/…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 641″

    In addition, when I edit one of the site pages and click update, it’s throwing some additional errors that look related:

    “Notice: Undefined index: getsocial_hide_value in /home/…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 616

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php:616) in /home/…/…/…/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866 ”

    Any guidance on these things would be greatly appreciated. I can easily modify the files with FTP if necessary. Thanks!

  112. Johneen says:

    Hi – Thanks for the great plugin, but I’m having trouble with the Facebook like/send buttons since updating to the latest version of GetSocial. Since updating today, the Facebook buttons are pushed way far to the right, actually outside the boundaries of the bar. Here’s a post to show you what I mean: I’m not sure where or how to fix this (somewhat unsightly) alignment issue. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!

    Thanks again,


  113. Sofie says:

    Is there a way to see who has clicked the facebook “like” button?
    Also, I’ve “liked” my posts myself to test – but nothing appears on my facebook profile to tell people i liked a post . You know how it normally shows up on your feed when you like a pic or something in facebook – well it doesn’t do that. any reason why?

  114. Cristina says:

    The Pin it Button is not showing up. Anybody knows why? The rest of the buttons work perfectly fine.

  115. Now mu stumble upon button doesn’t work? I tried the older version same problem? !

  116. Srdjan says:

    Hi. I’ve been using GetSocial for a while but ever since the last update it hasn’t been working properly. It’s glued to the left side of the browser (no matter how much I change the offset. It also doesn’t remain there as I scroll (it stays at the top) even though I have an offset set.

    How can I fix this? Thanks!

  117. Dave says:

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but the plugin seems to be interfering with Premise. It’s fine on regular posts, but my landing pages are not loading below the headline. Here’s an example: Thanks.

  118. Alessio says:

    The plungin is perfect, i have one problem in homepage, the GetSocial is fixed in the absolute position, in the page and post is work right! Help me! :-)

  119. Danny says:

    yea,I’m having same problem with pin it button,it doesn’t show up.
    using the latest version of wp and 1.7.3 getsocial

  120. vg says:

    Also an option would be nice to center the buttons/counts since the all have different widths,

  121. CS says:

    Can’t re-order after the update.

  122. Mary Jane says:

    hi! i’ve been trying hard to make the Pin it button appear! i tried to do at least all i can but still not showing up to my website. all is ok but just the pin it button not appearing. thanks for the reply!

  123. Raul says:

    The “Pin it” button does not shows up on my “Home” nor my “About” page. However it does show up on my “Google Ranking,” “Contact,” and “Our Services” pages. Why would that be? -Raul

  124. Sujith says:

    Hi, The widget is not sticky after the recent update. Please look into that. Moreover it breaks some themes which are not supporting post thumbnails.

  125. The getsocial plugin adds 33 XHTML errors to the page per Is it possible to fix these?

    A note – the additional buttons textarea box seems to be locked. Is there a way to open it up?

    Thanks for the plugin…

  126. Eric Gibson says:

    Pinterest not showing up… How can I fix this? thanks. Also, can’t seem to drag and drop to change the button order.

    • Eric Gibson says:

      re: Pinterest not showing… I should add… I have Version 1.7.3 of GetSocial, and also latest version of WordPress.

  127. Pin it button not showing up?

  128. Christy says:

    In IE 8 the Facebook like button doesn’t show. Works fine in other browsers. Any idea of what might be wrong?

  129. Hayden Cohen says:


    I’ve had to deactivate the GetSocial plugin since the recent update as the add_theme error appears. I looked in the functions.php file and it’s all right as it’s the official WordPress Mobile Theme. I really want to reactivate GetSocial. Any suggestions?



  130. Shawn says:

    GetShare does not go up down it is at one spot. Can you help pls.


  131. Kristine says:

    Hi! From PINTEREST the photos do not appear. Can you help? My wordpress version is updated also.

  132. Tracy Rhodes says:


    I saw the comment about adding theme support for thumbnails, added the line to the functions file and it fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.


  133. Frank says:

    The newest version from 4/1 messes up my Wootheme Gotham. When I rolled back to the last version all works fine. The new version cuts off half the page and the side bar doesn’t appear.

  134. chitgoks says:

    in my case, my blog’s page gets cut off…

    only the title of the post appears. the post contents are not displayed as is the rest of my page’s contents

    • Riyaz says:

      Please upgrade your WordPress to the latest version or use the version of GetSocial compatible with your WordPress version

      • jacqueline says:

        I successful installed your widget and I have the latest wordpress theme installed too using a premium press theme. unfortunately while the bar show the content to the article do not the article pages as well as the content on the “service” and “about us” pages. any ideas to make this widget work with this theme?

  135. Chris Cairns says:

    I just upgraded plugin to 1.7.3 and received the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /nfs/c04/h01/mnt/66898/domains/mysite/html/wp-content/plugins/getsocial/getsocial.php on line 116

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • Riyaz says:

      Please upgrade your WordPress or use the version of GetSocial compatible with your WordPress version

      • Chris Cairns says:

        I am on the latest version of WP — 3.3.1.

        • Riyaz says:

          The function has_post_thumbnail is defined since version 2.9 of WordPress. If you are on latest version, you should not see such a message. If you like, you can use previous versions of GetSocial if that works for you.

      • Guillermo says:

        Same Problem here must to check
        Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in ….
        Great Plugin

        • Riyaz says:

          To enable post thumbnails, your theme must include add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); in its functions.php file. You can add the below line to your theme’s functions.php and it might work:

          add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

    • Tracy Rhodes says:

      All of my sites using GetSocial are broken using the 1.7.3 upgrade. All are running the latest version of WordPress (3.3.1) and all work fine with GetSocial version 1.7. I get the same error:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in …\wp-content\plugins\getsocial\getsocial.php on line 116

      I tried using the plug-in automatic upgrade and I tried a manual upgrade of the plug-in and got the same result.

      Went back to using version 1.7

      • Riyaz says:

        To enable post thumbnails, your theme must include add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); in its functions.php file. You can add the below line to your theme’s functions.php and it might work:

        add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

  136. doug says:

    The Pin It button doesn’t seem to work all the way through. When clicked it opens a new window for Pin It, but does not import a picture. I enter my description and click Pin It and then it looks like it accepts it, but in reality nothing happens. It does not pin anything. What do I do?

  137. Darren says:

    Hey… I reinstalled the plugin as you suggested but I still am unable to see the facebook “like” in the plugin. I didn’t have this problem before…something definitely went wrong after you did the last update. I want to believe the other facebook plugin I have on my site is interfering as this happens with my facebook comments plugin but… I’ve had everything installed previously and it worked fine. Maybe there is a glitch because this is happening on both my blogs.

  138. kristine says:

    Hi! I love GetSocial but when I click on PintIt, the board comes up empty :-( How does that work?

  139. Charlie says:

    Hi, I updated the plugin to the latest version and now the Facebook button fits perfectly. Thanks! It also works ok in posts and pages, but not on the homepage. There the bar is placed on the top left and doesn’t move when scrolling.
    Since the home is usually the most visited website, it would be nice that it works fine there as well.
    This happens in the 2 blogs that I tried it.


  140. Tom Gaydos says:

    Nice plugin. You really did a great job!

    Only problem I’m having it that all of the icons are centered, except Facebook, which remains left justified. Any idea how to fix that?

    Thanks for your help!

  141. Darren says:

    I did an update yesterday and now the facebook icon doesn’t appear on the get social plugin. What’s going on?

  142. Web Host says:

    Hi, great plugin. It loads so much faster then any of the others, however im wondering why with facebook when you like it it doesnt pop up with the bit where you can add your comments. like on

  143. salman says:

    Getsocial plugin is awesome, but problem is that there is no share button to share post on facebook.. how can i do this ?

    • Riyaz says:

      When someone clicks Like button, option to share/post to Facebook is shown to the user. This is default functionality of the Facebook button. The latest version of GetSocial supports this.

  144. Rukeuvis says:

    I’m sorry for disturbance, but I didn’t quite get it. So, plugin cannot be shown on template category, but can you set position of bar on home page? This options apparently is only for pages. Right?

  145. Rukeuvis says:
  146. Rukeuvis says:

    Don’t know, it is confusing. Now I can see bar on page wher is interactive map. But still plugin doesn’t work on homepage, that is, it isn’t on location that it should be… What about language, can you put like button to be on English. Mine is on my native language.

  147. Rukeuvis says:

    Hi! I like your plugin :-) but it seems to me that I have a little problem with it. Don’t know why butt I can’t change the position of bar. I can only change the width of it. Maybe it has to do with loading scripts; I have to turn them off because my slidebar doesn’t work then. Second – as you can see, my Like button is on my native language, is it possible to bring it back to English?

  148. Michelle says:

    I have a Pinterest link, but no icon/button. Is there supposed to be one? Also, I tried to add it in the additional buttons section, but am unable to click in the box to add code (Firefox 11.0).

    • Riyaz says:

      Looks like Pinterest recently changed their button requirements. I have updated the plugin and released a new version 1.7.1. You may want to update your plugin with the new version. Let me know if it works for you.

      • Kathryn says:

        Hi there! I’m still having issues getting the Pinterest button to show up. I have version 1.7.3 and I have selected it in the settings, but it still isn’t there. Any ideas? I did also add that piece of code to the functions.php. Thank you!

  149. Darren says:


    Just wondering if there is a way to save all your likes, tweets, etc? If I go in to update my blog after making a spelling mistake etc… i notice I lose all the likes, tweets etc. Is there a way to save these when you go back into edit a post if something has been misspelled or you forgot the category on a blog post???

    • Riyaz says:

      If the permalink changes, the counts will disappear. This is because the social networks cannot make out that the two links are one and the same.

  150. Patrick Alban says:

    I like the new version but it displays horizontally frequently. I re-save in WP admin panel and that corrects it, for a while. The previous version did not do this and I have not changed anything on my sites. What’s causing this?

    • Riyaz says:

      It could be if you are using any caching plugins like W3 Total Cache etc. Clear your caches after saving the options. Else, please explain the issue in more detail.

      • Patrick Alban says:

        I continued to test for an answer after I posted yesterday and I came to the same conclusion. So far, so good. Thanks for your help.

  151. Fabricio says:

    Dear Riyaz!
    Hi, congratulations for this great wordpress plugin, but I want to know if this can be installed to a html web site, is it possible? please can you give me the right steps to implement it, thank you.


  152. richards says:

    it’s great plugin. i just use it for my blog. it’s also easy to configure. Thanks Riyaz

  153. Ray says:

    Hi Riyaz, thank you for this wonderful plugin. I’m using it now on my website timeline fb cover. Cool plugin and works perfect. I recommend this for everyone.

  154. Peter says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Like all german users of your plugin I have problems with the layout, since the german button text is always longer than the english one, e.g. “Gefällt mir” instead of “like”. So I would like to change the language used by the plugin to english by default. Where is this defined for Facebook and Twitter?

    I have already tried to change this in the general scripts I use in the footer for facebook and Twitter, but it has no effect on the plugin, so this must be defined somewhere else.

    Hope you can help me.

  155. Vonita Brown says:

    I copied to html code and pasted it in the footer, however the floating bar showed up on my “about” page instead of the “home” page where the blog post are? How do I fix this?

  156. Martin says:

    nice plugin but the problem is that in german the “Gefällt mir”, Like in german is not complete. It is cutt off at the right side.
    Thanks for answer.

  157. Gaurang says:

    Awesome plugin. Thanks a lot for the share.

  158. Hi, I’m sorry to bother you again! You answered this question for me already, but I’m now installing GetSocial on all my sites, and I’ve lost the “fix” you sent me.

    When I visit my site, the share bar appears over on the far left, then takes a second or two to position itself in the right place. How do I get it to stop doing that?

    • Riyaz says:

      For the GetSocial initial location, you can edit the CSS code in file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php as below:
      Locate the following piece of code;


      And change it to:


      Click on Update File button to save the changes. Clear the cache from caching plugins and you should be all set.

  159. Selvabharathy says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Thanks for creating this plug-in. Its really very awesome plug-in. but unfortunately its not working my own template pages… Please help me…. how can i use this plug-in in my blog own template pages…

  160. Lee Hughes says:

    I use my category pages as my navigation so it’s important to me that they get shared since they are always updated. Do you know what the shortcode I could use is? Many thanks for your reply.

    • Riyaz says:

      Unfortunately there are no shortcodes at the moment. You could try inserting add_getsocial_scripts and add_getsocial_box functions in the relevant templates. I havent tested this myself though.

  161. Paul says:

    Hey Riyaz,

    It’s great that you answer so many of your users questions.
    I love your plugin and have used it for a while.

    One thing I can’t figure out though is why the stumbleupon button refuses to show on mine. There is just a big space there. Any thoughts on this? Here is an example post. You’ll see the space above the digg button. Also the google+ box is sadly cut off.. any easy way to get the horizontal version of it?

    thanks in advance!

    • Riyaz says:

      I could see SU button on the link you shared. Try refreshing your browser cache or try from another computer. Regarding the +1 button, I guess some other plugin might be interfering. Try disabling the Wibiya bar temporarily and see if it solves the issue.

  162. Lee Hughes says:


    Lovin’ this plugin. What would make it perfect would be the ability to get it to display on archive pages. Is there a shortcode I could use in my code?

    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin wont show up on archive page as it has multiple posts. It would rather confuse the users as to which post they are sharing. I would consider adding a shortcode. However, on every page/post you have an option to enable/disable the plugin.

  163. Renuka says:

    Hello Riyaz, Thanx for wonderful plugin. But m having trouble. It doesnt show up for the posts having more than 2-5 images. sometimes it appears on some post and not appearing in long post why ? awaiting your reply…plz help..

  164. Hello Riyaz, this brings my attention I am a newbie to blogging. My blog is kinda boring no audience seems to come to my site yet, so I think I might wanna need this now real quick and install this. Thank you!

  165. Hi!
    I’ve tried all similar sharebar plugins and this one is by far the best.
    But I have one question about upgrades and two about support.

    Are you planning to upgrade the facebook like button to their new version which enables you to add a comment and share the link when you push “like”?

    The “sharebar” loads on a different location when you open a page and then jumps to where I want it, anyway to change this?
    Whatever facebook like-code I try, the shared link on Facebook never displays the featured image of the post or any other picture from the post or the page than a small rss-icon in the footer, is this possible to change?

    • Riyaz says:

      For the GetSocial initial location, you can edit the CSS code in file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php as below:
      Locate the following piece of code;


      And change it to:


      Click on Update File button to save the changes. Clear the cache from caching plugins and you should be all set.

      For Facebook meta like featured image, you need to implement Facebook OpenGraph into your site. You can easily do this via Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.

      For the share button for Facebook, I will try to include it in the upcoming releases.

  166. Like the plugin.
    How about the icons without counters as an option?

  167. ronald says:

    I love this plugin, but how can i enable it on my homepage?


    • Riyaz says:

      Unfortunately it wont work on homepage or any page that has multiple URLs to share.

      • eynugget says:

        Hi, really love this plugin!
        I’m puzzled as to why it wouldn’t work on a blog or home page.
        You say it won’t work on pages with multiple URLs, but the homepage or blog page has only it’s own URL to share, so why wouldn’t it work?
        Are you going to make a version that works on a blog / home page? It’s very important for blogs.
        Great job!

        • Riyaz says:

          I agree that homepage has its own url. However, the GetSocial box scrolls as the user scrolls down the page. When the box is next to an article, it might confuse the user as to which article he is about to share. When a page has multiple articles on it, its a good idea to have static share buttons next to each article instead of scrolling one like GetSocial. And after all, if something confuses your users, they are less likely to share your content.

  168. Jamie says:

    Love it! :)

  169. nutz Inspirations says:

    Hello Riyaz,

    We’ve installed your get social plugin. But have some conflicts with our theme. The theme has a j carousel slider and the slider malfunctions when the plugin is activated. The plugin is visible on posts but doesn’t scroll with it. The theme developers said that they won’t provide support for third party plugins. What can I do for prevent j query conflicts.
    Thank you.

  170. I do like the GetSocial plugin, but I have a couple of problems with it. One, it doesn’t display properly on my site. The “Tweet” button is partially cut off so it looks like “Twee”. I feel that looks unprofessional.

    The other question I have is – is there any way I can have the buttons without the counters? On a new site, the count can be quite low which doesn’t look very impressive!

    Finally, when I run Firebug, I notice the plugin has slowed my site slightly (not a big deal but worth being aware of – as you know, site speed is very important these days).

    • Riyaz says:

      I could see the plugin work correctly on your site. “Tweet” is in deed displayed correctly. Current version will by default display the counters. I will consider adding buttons without counters in the upcoming plugin update. For site speed, you can choose to load scripts in footer by choosing the option on the settings page.

      • Marisa says:

        Thanks, I’ll be hanging out for the update! I have loaded scripts in the footer, but Firebug still tells me “335.2KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering”. It gives me a list of the Javascript and most of it relates to the plugin.

  171. Robert Jay says:

    The twitter count doesn’t update on my site, it’s stuck on 0. Know what the problem is?

  172. Thomas says:

    First off the plug-in is awesome!! The only issue is that the on my latest events page the style is different see: it shows below the page content it shows on the left but with different margin than the rest of the pages.

    Any assistance or suggestions on how I can solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    • Riyaz says:

      Looks like the calendar page template does not use the_content WordPress function to output any text. If you can add the function to the template, the plugin should work correctly on that page. Else, you can turn it off by choosing hide GetSocial on this page option.

  173. Nina says:


    Is there a way to see who clicked one of the buttons? (Like, +1,…)

    Thank you

  174. Josh says:

    Hey man, I’ve seen a lot of my friends using your plugin so I decided to install it. But I’m having some issues with getting the plugin to move with the page and get it closer to the blog content. Any ideas? It’s installed now, so if you go to a post you’ll see what I’m talking about. Thanks!

  175. Thanks for the great plugin. I first downloaded another plugin from WordPress website but it wasn’t displayed properly but now i downloaded this plugin and it works for me.

  176. Gazalla says:

    I’ve downloaded the plug-in (following instructions on the wordpress site). It’s showing up on my dashboard but not on my blog. I even put in the php code in my footer as recommended in the wordpress support forum and no luck. Please help!

  177. abhi says:

    Excellent plugin. It looks very nice and well fitted. I am looking these type of plugins to gain some seo push. Thanks for sharing keep up.

  178. d i l i p says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Thanks for the plugin. Just wanted to bring to your notice a small bug I am seeing when the site is opened in Mozilla (ver 3.6.23). Instead of the tweet button, all I see is a small brown patch. I checked with another site from one of the comments above and your site too. It shows all other buttons correctly except the twitter one. Displays perfectly in Chrome though. Hope you will look into this. Thanks. :)

  179. Hi Riyaz,
    I like your plugin. But i got the same problem with Yavor. I already tried the solution you gave to him but it seems doesn’t work properly. I recited the yavor statement here “Hey man, I can’t seem to get the plugin to display properly. It loads below my site, not to the side”.
    Could you visit my website and help me to resolve this problem? Your help is appreciated. You can visit one of my post here:

    • Riyaz says:

      Your theme may not be using the standard WordPress function wp_head() and wp_footer(). If this is the case, open the header.php file of your theme and add following line before tag

      Also, open footer.php and add following line before tag

  180. Thanks a lot Riyaz. This post was just what i needed to install the getsocial plugin on my wordpress blog.
    Thank you again :)

  181. Yoric says:

    Hi man, great plugin.

    I have many clients using different web hosts etc.
    such as Joomla, weebly and privatized hosts.
    is this plugin compatible only with wordpress or is it also available for generic usage???

  182. Yavor says:

    Hey man, I can’t seem to get the plugin to display properly. It loads below my site, not to the side…

    • Riyaz says:

      Try changing the option for Load scripts in footer. That might help. Another issue could be your theme is not using the standard WordPress function wp_head(). If this is the case, open the header.php file of your theme and add following line before </head> tag
      Hope this helps.

  183. Sravan says:

    Hi Riyaz. First of all I would thank you for such a nice and wonderful plugin. It made my manager feel happy for me. Thanks once agian. I need to add an RSS feed button to the sidebar generated through the plugin. I tried to find the related code in HTML , but was not able to get it. I got something in PHP, but was not working when I copied it to the plugin. Please let me know if you can help me in this issue and fix it. Thanks.

    • Riyaz says:

      If you are using a service like Feedburner to create your feed, you can grab the code from their website. Alternatively you can simply place an anchor link to your RSS feed and wrap it around the icon image using standard html.

  184. Jason says:

    I want to manually add the GetSocial code to the template where I want the social buttons to appear. What is the code for this? Thanks!

  185. Jeremy says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    Love the plugin. Only thing I’m having issues with is the Twitter counter not working… any ideas?

    • Riyaz says:

      counts are displayed by the twitter api..if it doesnt work for you..try using tweetmeme button..another thing to look at is your site name is appended to the post title twice which makes the tweet length longer than 140 chars…you should check the setup of SEO plugins in case you are using any

  186. Hi.

    Sorry to bother you. For some reason, “GetSocial WP Plugin” always shares the first post on my blog:

    Is this expected behavior?


  187. Paul says:

    Hey Riyaz,

    Just wanted to let you know that your plugin is great. Great job!
    I had implemented it a while back on my site ( ).

    One recommendation for features would be to allow setup for “recommended related account” for the twitter button. I believe after someone shares your content, it can show “related accounts” and that could be pre-set. That would be awesome.

  188. andre says:


    i’m trying to install getsocial in my web. but i can’t see any of share button on the web page/post. please help


  189. mfirdausmohd says:

    hye! first of all, thx for creating this awesome plug in!
    but i have a problem, which when i hover my mouse to the google +1 button. the text “Click here to publicly +1 this as your name.” seems like a bit dropped too far. can you help me please? the text is not shown directly under the box. its got a range, my assuption its around 200px from the text and the box.

  190. rainer says:

    Great plugin. Is there a way to change the order of the buttons? And is there somewhere a Gallery of copy&past additional buttons for lazy guys like me? Thanks so much!

    • Riyaz says:

      The only workaround to change the order of buttons is disabling standard buttons and using additional buttons to add button codes in your order of preference.

      For button codes, standard codes are available on individual websites. Alternatively you can grab all the codes from AddThis website.

  191. Joe says:

    Hi, I love this widget but got a problem that you might or might not heard about before.

    Whenever someone press the “Like” for Facebook – which is the most commonly used button for my site, what will be displayed on Facebook is the correct headline, but an incorrect photo and incorrect text.

    It says like this (for instance):

    (headline) Crash in The Shanghai subway!

    (text) Did you like this article? Also read xxx and xxx. This site is writing about news in China and Asia, xxx.

    (picture of something else)

    It’s hardly tempting for the user to click on a link that has one headline, another photo and a third text.

    Did anyone run over this before?


    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin does not implement Facebook opengraph meta by itself. If your theme does not already implement it, you should consider doing so. I will be adding option to implement this via the plugin. however, I don’t have any timelines for this at present.

  192. Jon says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    Thanks so much for the plugin! I have the plugin working okay, and I have set the postion of the plugin to appear “below the fold” at first. But on page load, the plugin ALWAYS shows up at it’s default coordinates first, and “flickers” there for a couple seconds until after the page is fully loaded, at which time it then goes to it’s location I’ve specified.

    I’ve tried having the script load at the head and footer, and I’ve also tried caching plugins, none have solved the problem. Do you know what’s causing this?

    • Riyaz says:

      You need to edit the CSS code in file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php as below:

      Locate the following piece of code;


      And change it to:


      Click on Update File button to save the changes. Clear the cache from caching plugins and you should be all set.

  193. Allen says:

    Hello, my sidebar is to the left of the post so how do I move the plugin to the right of the post? I set the pixels to negative and it didn’t move further to the right.


  194. Eric says:

    Hello Riyaz.

    Great plugin you have here. Just a quick question: how do you get an additional button to align on the left with the others that are pre-coded? I got the button to appear and work properly (it is a script) but can’t figure out how to adjust the alignment. Thanks!

  195. brian says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    I would like the social media buttons to stay on top of the page so its not following the reader as he scroll down. How can I make this happen?

    Please support! Thank you!


    • Riyaz says:

      You will need to edit the file getsocial.php in the /wp-plugins/getsocial/ directory. Find the following line of code:

      function add_getsocial_scripts(){ echo get_getsocial_scripts();}

      Replace it with following line of code:

      function add_getsocial_scripts(){ /*echo get_getsocial_scripts();*/ }

      You also might need to edit the CSS code to position the getsocial box if necessary.

      • brian says:

        Thanks for your reply!
        You are correct.
        The code stopped getsocial from scrolling down and the position is off.

        Can you give more instructions of where and how to “edit the CSS code to position the getsocial box if necessary”?

        here is my post:
        Thank you very much!


        • Riyaz says:

          Open the file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php and find following piece of code:


          Change the value for top to move the box vertically and change value for left to move it horizontally. Higher values will move the box down and right accordingly.

  196. hello help me how add the Facebook Share button in getsocial

    • Riyaz says:

      Share button will soon be deprecated by Facebook and many sites reported that Share button stopped working for them. Hence we have switched to the Like button. However, if you wish to use it, you can download the version 1.4 of GetSocial which uses Facebook Share button.

  197. very interesting article, .. I like thanks for the information …
    if we may be able to share about the article – an article of interest?

  198. I can see you have put a lot of effort in and many are able to get it working. I have seen it working. Yours is the third I have tried Slick Soicial Plugin has been the closest thing to work so far although it places the bar beneath the footer whenever I activate it no matter what settings I use.

    I am having the same problem as Linda had. I am using Thesis theme. The plugin settings panel does not appear in the Dashboard. This http:///wp-admin/admin.php?page=getsocial/getsocial.php doesn’t solve it either. Just get 404 error.


  199. Ryan says:

    I just installed it, but seem to have a problem. When someone clicks the like button, they get js code on their wall on facebook. How do you fix that?

  200. Mauricio says:

    Hi Riyaz, great plugin!

    I have an issue though. For some reason it loads up in the middle of my post and then it appears correctly (to the left of the post) only when I begin to scroll down. How can I fix this? Same thing happens on all browsers:

    Also, how can I make it appear on all categories? Not pages, just categories with several posts:

    Thanks in advance!

    • Riyaz says:

      Plugin does not support display on category pages as it generally has multiple posts and only one instance of the plugin can be displayed at a time. Regarding the first one, you should first try to set up the position properties in the plugin settings to suit your blog theme.

      • Mauricio says:

        Hi Riyaz and thanks for the prompt response!

        For the categories portion, that’s fine as it makes sense that it would not work due to the many posts on the categories page.

        However, for the positioning of the plugin, I am still having trouble. I played around with the position properties, but no matter what, the plugin starts in the middle of the post/article. Once you scroll down, it aligns immediatley to the left of the post just like I want it to. What else can I do here in order to prevent this? If you had maybe an “Initial Offset from Left” (notice “Initial”), then maybe I could fix it. However, your plugin only has an “Initial Offset from top”, “Offset from top after scrolling” and “Offset from left”.

        Let me know if there is anything else I can do here to fix this, this plugin was exactly what I was looking for. It certainly helps prevent customization like has it on their site.

        • Riyaz says:

          Looks like your theme design is interfering. If you have added any css code for GetSocial elements in your theme css, comment it out. Else, try doing a fresh install of the plugin by deleting the existing copy and downloading the current version from WordPress website. After re-install of the plugin, I would recommend to temporarily switch to another theme and see if the issue persists.

          • Mauricio says:

            Hi Riyaz,

            I deleted and re-installed the plugin, but it continues to do the same thing. I also did not add any CSS code to this. What could be in my theme that is interfering with it. It works perfectly once I scroll down, but it starts off in the middle of the page. Is there any way to find out what this could be?

          • Mauricio says:

            Hi Riyaz, I fixed it! Just so you know in case someone ever asks this again. It was definitely something with my wordpress theme. In order to fix it, you need to remove the “postition: relative;” from the wrap section of the style.css. Not sure if this applies to all themes with that same problem, but it worked for me =)

            Thanks again for this great plugin!

          • Riyaz says:

            Thank you Mauricio :)

  201. Jayleen says:

    How can I add the get social bar to the Homepage. It shows up in pages & posts but not the homepage/landing page.

    • Riyaz says:

      By design the plugin won’t show up on homepage or any page that has multiple posts on it. This is because there could be multiple URLs to share and only one instance of the plugin can be displayed at a time.

  202. Memo says:

    Hi Riyaz, We are using yur pluging thaks but, there is a Problem with Facebook Share. It shares it but doesn’t count it on the Pluging. My Self Shares one and still it shows zero Share for facebook. Could we do something wrong ?


  203. Brian Loher says:

    Great Plugin!!! How do I go about customizing the color scheme of the actual logos of the Get Social plugin to black and white? I do not want any color in the images. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Riyaz says:

      To change the background, you can set the desired colors on the settings page. If you would like to change the colors of the Social Media icons like Twitter, Facebook etc, you will need to disable the standard icons from settings. Then add the button codes for the respective social networks in Additional buttons section with your own custom images. If you havent done this before, you could use the ready to use code from and configure the plugin settings as explained in this article: How to Customize GetSocial with CSS3 Buttons

  204. Simon says:

    Hi, thanks for this, very cool indeed.

    I have a few issues:

    In your screen shot it shows a very nice “email” and “more” button, yet I cant’ see any settings / options for that in the settings page, will they be available soon ?

    Secondly is it dynamic, in terms of the count, for example on this blog post
    It has 50+ FB shares but none show in the plugin.

    Lastly the social media icons are not centered in the middle of the vertical strip, more offcenter to the left, is this fixable? Only a minor issue but would be nice to see it perfectly justified.

    Any advice appreciated on point (1) and (2)..

    How is this not being used more, very very cool, Mashable but without the huge private coding expense

    • Riyaz says:

      Thanks Simon,

      For the email and more buttons implementation, please refer to How to Customize GetSocial with CSS3 Buttons. This is also mentioned in the FAQ section above.

      Regarding Facebook counts, is it the issue with all your posts or only with this particular post? Try this – In the settings page, scroll to the bottom. Make sure that the checkbox for Load scripts in Footer is checked. For this to work, your theme should have a call to the WordPress function wp_footer. Let me know if this works for you.

      About alignment of icons, the plugin aligns all icons to left since the widths of icons vary. If you would to align them to the center, you might want to edit the CSS code in file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php.

  205. Moro says:

    Hi Riyaz, excellent plugin. I was wondering if you could help me with an issue. When using additional buttons, which are just some images with link, on IE when moving the mouse between images, the box disapears for a short time and then it comes back. You can see on my website:


    • Riyaz says:

      Hi Moro,
      I checked the link you provided on IE9 and Chrome. I did not face any issues you described. I would suggest you to clear your browser cache and try again or check from a different computer.

  206. Memo says:

    Hi Riyaz great Pluging we have started using in our site. it is working but there is problem.
    The Problem is when you share it on facebook the numbers uppers on the Pluging dont match with how many times you have share it. How Can we solve that problem ?
    thanks you in advance

  207. reganfrank says:

    Hi, thanks for the awesome plugin.
    Just wondering though, I am using a theme where the homepage is a page, rather than a simple list of blogs. Is it possible to turn the plugin “off” for this page only?

    Thanks again

  208. Jack says:

    Hey Riyaz,

    I’ve put your plugin on my site. 2 questions:

    1. How can I add it to the homepage?

    2. How can I add the facebook +1 button? Can you add that as an update to the plugin? Facebook like is much more important than FB share I think.


  209. Rashed says:

    Hi, i love your floating bar plugin, just discovered it 10 days ago :) it was working like a charm till today afternoon, it just disappeared suddenly !
    i checked everything in settings, all seems good
    the script is automatically loaded in footer.php right before the tag, yet nothing is showing.
    I tried the following:
    – Unchecking the “load script automatically” in settings. it shows, but retweet button would fail, and facebook like button wouldnt show
    – I put it back to load automatically, then i copied the script into Single.php. it showed up normally but the stumble upon button wouldnt submit !
    – if i add the script to the header.php it would show but also retweet button fails !!!

    Now, i restored everything like before with the script in footer.php only, yet its not showing
    Kindly advice
    this is my blog

    P.S i tried deactivating all plugins on my blog but it didn’t make a difference
    Thank you in advance

    • Rashed says:

      I Just discovered something; I unpublished my last post and the getsocial bar appeared again, yet now, when i publish any new post it dissappears again !! i need your advice please

      • Riyaz says:

        I am able see the GetSocial bar on your blog posts. It might be a browser cache issue. Clear your browsing cache and also clear server cache if you are using any caching plugins or similar functionality.

  210. Anastasia says:

    Hi, I’m making a blog for work and I’m using this Floating Bar. My issue is that I can’t get the linked in button to show when I add it into the ‘additional share buttons’. How should this code look? I’ve seen it on a blog in mashable….. Is there a way to make it work in the floating bar?

    • Riyaz says:

      Simply add the following code under the ‘Additional buttons’ option in the GetSocial Settings page:

      <div class="sharebutton">
      <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
      <script type="IN/Share" data-counter="top"></script>

      • Anastasia says:

        Thank you so much : ). I kept trying that and variations of it, but it was because I didn’t clear the cache that it didn’t show : S

  211. Sorin Matei says:

    After the last update, the share bar does not show in Chrome anymore… See in chrome… bummer…

  212. Job78 says:

    Hello Riyaz,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful plugin.

    I have a two questions :
    – Why the +1 google button is getting over the youtube video ? You can see what I mean on the blog I link on my nickname (I sent you a screen by mail).

    Secondly, is there a way to display the box on homepage, with, for instance :
    – Facebook button like of the fan page of the blog
    – Twitter follow button
    – and the classic getsocial box, with Tweet button, Google +1 button, etc… (the same box which is on posts/pages in fact), in order to share the entire blog via its homepage.
    Just an idea, but I think that it would be great !

    Thanks in advance ;)

    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin does not have homepage option at the moment. About the +1 button behavior, its rendered by Google provided scripts. I need to check out why its behaving this way.

      • Riyaz says:

        Until I figure it out, use this quick workaround – Go to Plugins Editor, select GetSocial plugin and choose the file getsocialstyles.php. Alternatively, open the file directly from /wp-content/plugins/getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php. Locate the string “display:none;” without the quotes and delete that string. Save the file. This should resolve the issue.

  213. Sven says:

    Thanks for a very nice plugin, Riyaz.

    Just a small suggestion: is it possible to strip out this part of the url “#comment-12345″?

    At the moment GetSocial is showing that post have been shared zero times, even if it has been shared several times. Maybe “shares” will be lost if someone shares it after they have left a comment and the url ends with somthing like: “#comment-12345″…

    Thanks again Riyaz

    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin actually uses the post permalink and will not include the comment portion. Can you please provide any specific link where I can check this?
      Also, note that for Tweet button, the counts before some date two years back are not included. This is default functionality provided by Twitter.

  214. Andrea Kalli says:


    I’m using your plugin, which seems to be the new version of the fixed social buttons plugin, and I’m seeing that it’s grabbing the wordpress address url and not the site address url when it is creating the sharing links. Since these two are not always the same, and the site address url is the proper url for links, I’m wondering how to handle this. Can you provide some insight into what I need to do to make your plugin look at the right url?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Andrea Kalli says:

      Nevermind… I’m looking at the wrong plugin. Your plugin works great. Sorry about that. Silly me.

  215. Funghie says:

    Hi there, great plug – thanks. Is there any way to STOP it appearing on certain pages? i.e. I don’t want to share my Thank You page or my CV etc. Thanks. :-)

    • Riyaz says:

      You can certainly do that.

      To hide GetSocial box on specific pages or posts, open that page/post in edit mode and check the box that says ‘Hide GetSocial box on this post/page’.

      If you don’t want to show GetSocial on all pages, you can uncheck the corresponding checkbox on the settings page.

  216. Linda says:

    I have installed Get Social but can’t find the Settings page. It’s not listed in red near the ‘plugin info’, like for ‘commentluv’ for example.
    How do iI access the settings please, so I can start using it?

    • Riyaz says:

      Settings page is located on the left sidebar at the bottom on WordPress dashboard. You can also load it via this address http:///wp-admin/admin.php?page=getsocial/getsocial.php

  217. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I see this plugin features on many blogs but i was not aware from its name. is it will work on Thesis? If yes then i gonna use this. Thanks

  218. healthzine says:

    great plugin, i will try this plugin on my blog. keep up the good work

  219. silpada says:

    I’ve download and install the plugin and it’s very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  220. rohit says:

    Its a cool plugin.. i’m going to use it to my new blog site…

  221. Bridget says:

    I love the plugin I am just having an issue with it staying in view when you scroll down. When I leave it at the defaults, it shows up inside of the header, like you last image in this post. As you scroll down it moves over to the proper positioning on the left side.

    I adjusted it to show up lower and more to the left but now when you scroll down it pops off from view. How can I get it to stay in the same position when you scroll down? I am having this issue on my blog and website both have themes from the same theme designer.

    Original Settings New Settings
    200 350
    20 20
    80 320
    1140 1140


    • Riyaz says:

      This could be due to the structure or single.php template of your theme. If the template has more than one content areas or a split content area. Or you might need to alter some margins in the CSS file of your theme.

      As a temporary solution before you alter your CSS, try with browser_width = 1200 and offset from left = 180.

  222. paul says:

    I love your plugin it took me a while to sort but i got there, thanks.


  223. Ingrid says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    Great plugin. But unfortunately I installed it and it’s not appearing on my site. Can you please advise as to how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

    • Riyaz says:

      Recheck the options in the GetSocial settings page. If the plugin does not show up, try unchecking the checkbox next to ‘Load scripts in Footer’ option in the Advanced Options.

      • Ingrid says:

        Thanks a lot for replying so quickly. Ok, it works now but only when you click on each individual post. Any chance of having it appear on the home screen as well or no?

        Also – how can i add reddit?
        And – will the tweetme button start again at zero or will it include all the other times the post was retweeted before installing getsocial? cause right now it shows a ? (question mark) whereas the facebook one does indeed have the number.

        sorry to trouble you with all these questions
        thanks again – i appreciate your time and prompt reply

        • Riyaz says:


          As of now, the plugin can appear only on pages/posts..not on homepage or other templates.

          I see the tweet button working correctly. It fetches the counts from Twitter server. So you wont lose any tweet counts you had before installing the plugin.

          To add reddit buttons, you can pick up the button code from and put it in the Additional buttons section in the GetSocial Settings page. The instructions to how to add additional buttons is provided on the settings page itself.

          • Ingrid says:

            You’ve been so helpful! Thank you Riyaz. Yeah, my tweet button is working fine – it was just the tweetme that was showing a ?. And I’m also all set with Reddit thanks to you :).
            Have a great day
            and thanks again for being quick to reply

  224. Harsh says:

    How can one remove the word SHARE written on the side?

    • Riyaz says:

      Simply go to wp-content/plugins/getsocial/images folder and rename the sharetitle.png file to something else say sharetitle_bkp.png. Alternatively, edit the getsocial.css file located in the lib folder.

  225. Garry says:


    very nice plugin. Of the 3 I tried, it’s the one that works best for me. I’d like your opinion on a few things though :

    1- the social icons share the current page the user is browsing, which is nice. However, on my homepage, the facebook share button shares another url, the one of a blog post. Do you know how to fix it?

    2- If I want the icons to be fixed at the total left of the website, like on this website : I’d like it to auto adjust to users screen resolution if that’s possible. Can you please assist me with this?

    Thanks in advance

    • Riyaz says:

      1. GetSocial was not designed to work on pages that list the posts. So not recommended for homepage. Future versions might support this, not as of now though.

      2. You can adjust the positioning parameters on the GetSocial settings page to adjust the position of the box on your website pages.

  226. sylvie says:

    I have the latest version of the plugin, but its currently only appearing on single post pages. I’ve enabled the the settings to show on both pages and posts, but still no go. Any ideas?


  227. Gabe says:

    How can I change the sidebar that says “Share” to something other than purple?

    Your plugin was just what I needed! Thank you!

    • Riyaz says:

      You can change the image located in wp-content/plugins/getsocial/images folder to suit your theme. If you want to remove the bar, simply rename the image to anything else or edit the getsocial.css file accordingly.

  228. Deb says:

    that seems to do the trick – thanks!

  229. Deb says:

    on the mac at least, the GetSocial bar ‘vibrates’ on hover – meaning that is bounces from the left side of the site to the left edge of the browser window very rapidly – depending on width of browser window.
    his happens on safari, firefox and chrome…

    • Riyaz says:

      You need to set the Browser Width option on GetSocial settings page correctly. For example if your blog’s content area is 800px wide, you should set the Browser Width option to approximately 800+140 = 940.

      The current value set on your blog is too high for the size of the content area. Try changing it to a lower value as I described above and it should work correctly. Let me know how it goes.

  230. dotw says:

    trying to get this to work, pasted the code into the footer, still doesn’t show up. site is

    • Riyaz says:

      Please remove all the code you manually pasted in your theme templates. Activate the GetSocial plugin. On the GetSocial Settings page, go to Advanced options and uncheck the checkbox. Save changes and then let me know if it works for you.

  231. Deb says:

    hi –
    i’m able to implement the new tweet button (twitter’s new ‘official’ button) using div tags as you described.
    question: how do I make this the top button instead of just an additional button displayed below the one’s available from your plugin?
    – asking the question is often enough to set me on the path to finding the answer myself – but still would appreciate a response :-)

  232. Liam says:

    I tried the too methods you descrided above, but the footer one did nothing and the other made my page get really distorted. anyway you could take a look and see if theres a solution?

    • Riyaz says:

      Try the second option again. Add the code just before the closing </body> tag. Make sure you clear the caches if you are using any caching/minifying plugins. The closing body tag is generally located in footer.php.

      If it doesnot work, you can try adding the code anywhere after the opening <body> tag. The opening body tag is generally located in header.php. Again make sure you clear the caches if you are using any caching/minifying plugins.

      Let me know how it goes.

    • Riyaz says:

      Before doing above steps, I would suggest you to change the value of ‘Offset from left’ property in GetSocial settings page. Too high value will make the box disappear from the view. Try with initial value of 80 and see if the GetSocial box appears. Then you can change the value gradually as necessary.

  233. Ranjith Siji says:

    Great Plugin. I added another feature. Just share on design Bump. The arrows gives the plugin a better look. Thanks for created this great plugin.

  234. Riyaz says:


    I want you to add following lines just before the </body> tag in your theme:

    if (function_exists('add_getsocial_scripts')) {
    if (function_exists('add_getsocial_box')) {

    I dont see it currently on your site. Let me know once you put this code in.

  235. johannes says:


    how do i add the email to the social plugin like you have?

    how does this work with the addthis



  236. hanish says:

    Ok,thats great plugin.
    tell me then if it shows up on single post page do we show re-tweet button on home page besides the posts. what i meant to say that before using ur plugin i was using tweetmeme only… then with the code i was able to use it on home page and single page. now two retweet buttons are appearing on my singlepage one solo and one with your get social.

    if i remove ONLY tweetmeme plugin and keep your plugin then how do i show retweets on homepage.
    pls. solve it asap.

  237. Coba Diklik says:

    Hi, okey, I want to try it, tanks yeah?

  238. Bill says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Great plug-in! Any tips to get it to show up on Pages as well as posts? Also, FYI, I added in a height to the CSS of the plugin – your “GetSocial” was getting cut in half by the bottom border (on Mozilla 3.6.7 and IE8) when only using the Retweet, Share to Facebook and Buzz buttons. I set the height to 188 and it fit perfectly. Thanks!

    • Riyaz says:


      I will be adding the feature to be able to display GetSocial box on pages in the upcoming release. For now all you need to do is change all the occurrences is_single() in the getsocial.php file to is_single() || is_page() and it should work.

      I will look at the height issue as well and fix it in the upcoming release.

  239. Den says:

    Hello Riyaz,

    I have the same problem similar to what Jorge is having…I installed your plugin on my WP blog but it’s not showing up at all.

    Any known conflict issues with other WP plugins?…

    • Riyaz says:

      Jorge’s issue got resolved. The issue was with the theme’s code. The theme did not use the WordPress standard function wp_footer() and hence the plugin’s code was never invoked. Is it the same issue with your theme? If so you can try either of the following options:

      add following code to your theme’s template (possibly in footer.php) just before the </body> tag.

      <?php wp_footer(); ?>

      or add following code to footer.php just before the </body> tag:

      if (function_exists('add_getsocial_scripts')) {
      if (function_exists('add_getsocial_box')) {

      If this is not the issue, please let me know the url of the blog where you want to set it up so that I can look into it.

      • Den says:

        wp_footer function exists in my template but contained in a div.
        If I add the codes you suggested, it will get caught in that div container and thus pushing or expanding the GetSocial display downward.
        I can’t moved the theme author copyright around because it will trigger an alert if I’m tempering with it.
        The author hard-coded his license link with temper-proof codes or some sort.
        I figured out that the footer is not a part of the main body.
        I need to tweak the template first so it will play along with your plugin.
        Anyways, thanks for the hints and help.

      • Jamal says:

        Hello ,

        Thank You for the great work , I’ve tried to set up your plugin , but it seem dont works with my theme .

        Please I will need your help to fixe this issue.


    • Riyaz says:


      Just had a look at your site and it doesn’t look like theme issue. I guess some plugins causing the issue.

      Some users have reported that deactivating tooltip plugin helped. I would suggest to deactivate any jQuery based plugins and check if it helps. Let me know the outcome.

      • Den says:

        I will also look into what you said about jQuery based plugins.
        Disabling some of the plugins and test if that helps…

  240. Jorge Barba says:


    I installed your plugin on my blog ( but for some reason it’s not showing up on individual blog posts.

    I have a 1920×1080 resolution on my PC, does that have anything to do with it?

    Thank you for your attention!

    • Riyaz says:

      Hi Jorge,

      Just had a look at your blog posts. I think you have not configured the plugin options via the settings page. Click on the GetSocial Settings option in the left hand side menu in your WordPress Admin and click on Save Settings button.

      Let me know the outcome.

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