How to Watch out for Hidden Fat


When it comes to food, it seems as though everybody is trying to avoid that evil trinity of health-hell these days — salt, sugar and fat. Our couch potato lifestyles have left us battling conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity, all of which need you to curb those salty fries and chocolate shake cravings. … [Read more...]

Dental Care Tips: Watch Your Mouth

Dental Care

The mouth and teeth are some of the most hardworking parts of our bodies. It is not only important for us to have healthy gums and teeth, it is also aesthetically appealing. The mouth has an acid-alkali balance that keeps good bacteria intact and does not let bad bacteria multiply. However, when this balance is affected, the mouth may become more acidic, creating an environment for dental decay, gum infections and bad breath. … [Read more...]

Nutrition Myths and Facts


Now that health concerns have become universal, we’ve been flooded with information about what to eat and what to avoid. Often, the news leaves us confused. Since this isn’t a good situation to be in, we decided to clear up the bewilderment. Drink milk every day: Many of us believe that a glass of milk a day will keep us healthy. But according to Dr Atul Bhasin, consultant, internal medicine, B L Kapur Memorial Hospital, Delhi, you don’t need to drink milk after the age of one. “All the … [Read more...]