3 Questions to Answer Before You Choose an Investment

When you plan to make an investment, you must be fully aware of the ins and outs of your investment. Therefore, a good advice is to find answers to a few very necessary questions, before you can actually decide upon an investment. Let us explore what these questions are, where an investor needs to lay his focus on before investing his hard-earned money. 1. Do I have an Exit Strategy? It is good to always plan your exit, before entry – especially in case of any investment acquisition. Wondering … [Read more...]

Don’t Try to Give Up Over-Spending!!!

Have you ever tried to give up over-spending? What is the success rate in giving up over-spending? Why people turn up unsuccessful when they want to give up over-spending? Uncontrollable nature of Over-spending Giving up over-spending is a struggle. It brings a lot of negative emotions like guilt, frustration and shame. When you are thinking about giving up over-spending, sub-consciously you are still thinking about over-spending. The more you try to give up over-spending, the more you … [Read more...]

7 Financial Lessons to Learn in Your Twenties

How often have we heard that, ‘the sooner you start saving, the better it will be’? Early savings will only bear sweet fruits, it will never cause any harm. People, who are unable to save early, often wish they had. They share their experiences that saving early would have helped them avoid the mounting of the credit card debt, as well as help them be wiser with their expenses. Let us share with you, a few imperative money lessons. These would be largely helpful for the readers, currently … [Read more...]

7 Major Factors that Determine Your Investment Objectives

Every investor has his own set of unique investment objectives. What he wants in life, i.e. his requirements and needs have a direct impact on his pattern of investment and its objectives. Let us understand the influencing factors behind our investment objectives. Determining your requirements Follow the path that helps you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. These can include funding the education for your children, or investing in your business for expansion, retirement or travel … [Read more...]