How to Configure JDBC Adapter in SAP PI


This article will help you understand how to configure the sender and receiver JDBC adapter in SAP PI/XI. We will discuss a simple example wherein we will use sender and receiver JDBC adapter to talk to an Oracle Database. The JDBC adapter is used to connect to different database systems via SAP PI. The adapter converts database content to XML messages and vice versa. … [Read more...]

XSLT Mapping in SAP PI – Segregation and Regrouping of Data


In this article, I describe how to segregate and regroup source XML data using XSLT mapping. Let us understand this using a small example. Lets say we have a flat XML structure consisting of Purchase Order (PO) Items of a couple of Purchase Orders (POs). And our intention is to transform this XML into another XML such that the PO Items are grouped according to their PO numbers and header level and item level data is segregated. Header level data should occur only once and item level data should … [Read more...]