GetSocial Sports the Official Twitter Tweet Button


GetSocial WordPress plugin adds a lightweight and intelligent floating social media sharing box on your blog posts. The latest release 1.3 of GetSocial comes loaded with the new Twitter Tweet button well integrated and many more useful features to enhance social networking on your WordPress blog. Users can still use the earlier Retweet button from Tweetmeme if they prefer. … [Read more...]

Blog Archive Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

news archive

Have you optimized the your Blog Archive? A well-designed blog archive has a lot of potential to bring in loyal visitors to your blog or website. Let us understand how you can pour new life into the old content of your blog. The Archives page on your WordPress blog acts like a sitemap. It helps visitors browse through the content on your blog. Yet this is one of the pages likely to be ignored by bloggers when optimizing their blog or website. It is important that your blog archive is as … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing


Just as technology is continually changing, so are the rules with blogging. This means there is always room for research and improvement upon the subject. While you may feel pretty content with what you’ve been doing, it’s advisable to be careful. Slipping into a routine of the same-old, same-old can really have devastating effects in the future; bad habits can form and posts can become dull. Instead, mix it up and check out some tips for improvement below. … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Images to Speed up your Blog

website speed optimization

Its a good idea to optimize images on your blog as large sized images can considerably slowdown your blog pages thus degrading the performance. Your website’s performance or speed is one of the factors that decides your ranking in search engines. Website that loads quickly also improves user experience and helps build loyal readership. Optimize Images for a Better SEO Score Improved site speed is also a good SEO practice. Google as well as Yahoo! suggest in their Performance Best Practices … [Read more...]