How to Download YouTube Videos and Facebook Videos


If you want to download YouTube videos or download Facebook videos or videos from any of the video sharing websites, you will notice that these sites do not seem to offer a direct way to download videos. However, there are some easy workarounds that you can use to download video from Facebook or YouTube. Simplest Ways to Download Youtube Videos or Facebook Videos Its no brainer to download videos from YouTube, Facebook or similar sites. There are numerous websites that offer options to … [Read more...]

The Freelance Ninja – Keeping Organized Amidst Chaos


It's absolutely true that freelancing is an excellent way to make a living. Beyond providing the possibility for a substantial income, it grants the freedom and flexibility to live the lifestyle you choose. However, freelancers often enter the field with a mistaken notion of how challenging the work is. From invoices and client acquisition to miscommunications and contract issues, there's no shortage of chaos to keep you busy. In this guide, you'll begin your training, helping you transform … [Read more...]

How to Get Short URLs on Your Own Domain


Having your own short URLs will help you get the maximum exposure on Twitter. Linking to your blog from Twitter with URLs redirected from URL shortening services makes your domain name invisible and this valuable piece of real-estate on your twitter timeline and in your friend's updates area is as good as lost. Why not take the space that rightfully belongs to you back in your control and use it for your advantage by displaying your own domain name? Here are some ways you can have short URLs … [Read more...]

Password Protect a Folder or File – A How to Guide

password protect folder

It is crucial to encrypt or password protect folders and files on your computer or on flash drives. For example, when you service your computer, you want to be sure that some of the important documents are not compromised in any way. In case you lose your notebook, tablet, USB drive, or external hard disk you want to be sure that important data is always safe. The cost of sensitive information therein can outweigh the cost of the equipment. Here is a quick way to protect the files and … [Read more...]