Get Twitter API Key for WP Tweetbox Twitter App

Creating a Twitter app for WP Tweetbox is very easy and takes less than a minute, all you need is a Twitter API Key. WP Tweetbox is a WordPress plugin that adds a highly customizable Tweetbox at the end of blog posts and pages. Tweets are branded with your own website URL.

Register your own Twitter App and Get Twitter API Key

To use WP Tweetbox, you need a Twitter Application for your domain name. All you need to do is register a new Twitter Application and provide the Twitter API key. The plugin does the rest.

Get Twitter API Key in Less Than a Minute

It takes less than a minute to get Twitter API Key and start using your own Twitter App and is absolutely free. Let us understand how to create one that works with the WP Tweetbox plugin.

Step by Step Procedure to Register Your Own Twitter App and Get Twitter API Key

  1. Go to Register an app and login with your Twiiter account if you havent already logged in
  2. Provide an Application Name, say your Website Name or any name of your choice say ‘My WP Tweetbox’
  3. Provide a Short Description e.g. WP Tweetbox on
  4. Application Website: This can be the URL you want to link to. This could be website homepage or any relevant link e.g.
  5. Organization: Name of your organization or your blog title
  6. Application Type: Choose Browser
  7. Callback URL: This should be the homepage URL of your blog where you have installed the WP Tweetbox plugin
  8. Dafault Access Type: Choose Read & Write
  9. Upload an image icon if you like
  10. Answer the Captcha question
  11. Click on Register application button
  12. Note the Twitter API key displayed on the next page
  13. Copy and paste the Twitter API key in the WP Tweetbox Settings page on your blog
  14. Configure other WP Tweetbox options to suit your blog and Click on Save Changes
  15. Now WP Tweetbox Twitter Application is ready to use and a Tweetbox should be displayed at the end of your blog posts/pages

With WP Tweetbox, you can also have short URLs on your own domain (say Learn more on how to configure WP Tweetbox to have short URLs on your own domain.

Go ahead and boast your Twitter timeline with tweets branded to your own website using your very own Twitter App.

Note that the procedure to register for a Twitter App and get a Twitter API key remains the same for any Twitter App, and not just for WP-Tweetbox.


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    It seems that Twitter has changed some of their things :(

    6. Application Type: Choose Browser
    8. Default Access Type: Choose Read & Write

    Can’t change this anymore.