XI/PI: SAP XI Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s a list of common errors/problems in SAP XI and their possible resolutions. This Guide will help you troubleshoot your integration scenarios in SAP XI/PI. This is in no way an exhaustive list. You can add your points/ideas to this list. Please feel free to post your inputs using the comments form at the end of this article.

Cache Update Problems

Use transaction SXI_CACHE to update the Integration Directory cache. Alternatively, you can use the following URLs to update the CPA cache. Use XIDIRUSER to refresh the cache.

For complete cache refresh – http://<hostname>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full

For delta cache refresh – http://<hostname>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=delta

If this does not solve the issue, check transaction SLDCHECK to ensure that connection to SLD is available. If the connection fails, check the configuration in the transaction SLDAPICUST. Make sure that the password maintained is correct and the maintained service user is not locked.

Now in the Integration Repository go to Environment → Clear SLD Data Cache. Also go to Integration Directoy and clear the cache using menu Environment → Clear SLD Data Cache.

Open the XI Start Page and click on Administration. On the Repository tab, choose Cache Overview. Refresh the cache using the buttons/icons on the right. Use XIDIRUSER to refresh the cache. Carry out cache refresh in the same way on the Directory and Runtime tabs.

If you are facing cache update problems in your BPM (say you have modified the BPM, but when executed old version of the BPM is picked up instead of the new one), run the transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING and press F9 carry out automatic BPM/Workflow Customizing.

Routing Errors


This means no receiver could be found. Check your Receiver Determination. Activate and update cache. Asysnchronous messages can be manually restarted.


More than one receiver found. Check your ID configuration to ensure that there is exactly one receiver for the synchronous message. Multiple receivers for synchronous interfaces are not permitted.

Mapping Errors


Check whether RFC destination AI_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER is correctly configured


Ensure that mapping program exists and is activated. If it exists then update the cache.


This error occurs due to erroneous XML formatting. Check your mapping program and ensure that you supply valid input data.

Messages stuck in queues

Check the queues using transactions SMQ1 (outbound)/SMQ2 (inbound). Resolve the displayed errors. You can cancel the messages from SXMB_MONI. Execute LUW if necessary and avoid deleting entries manually.

Conversion Errors

  • Unable to convert the sender service XXXX to an ALE logical system

This error occurs in case of scenarios with IDoc adapters. Whenever you use business systems, make sure that the corresponding logical system name is maintained in the SLD.

Open your business system in the Integration Directory. Switch to Change mode. Access the menu path Service → Adapter Specific Identifiers. Click the button that says ‘Compare with System Landscape Directory’ and chose Apply. Save and activate your change list.

In case of business services, you can manually type a logical system name in the Adapter Specific Identifiers if required. This name should match the corresponding logical system name defined in the partner SAP system’s partner profiles.

Errors on the outbound side

Sometimes the link between SAP XI and the target system (say ERP) goes down and messages fail on the outbound side. It may not be possible to restart them from using RWB or the transactions like SXI_MONITOR/SXMB_MONI. In such cases, you can follow the procedure outlined in the following article – Dealing with errors on the outbound side.

As I said, this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add troubleshooting tips that you may have encountered while working with SAP XI. Use the comments form below to add your ideas.


  1. kishore says

    hello please
    provide solution for login error 10061 in sap how to resolve

    Thank a lot

  2. XYZ says

    This is the following error I am facing when I try to open SLD’s Product or software components

    error on page

    what to do? How to proceed further? any help would be greatly appreciated…


    • kris says

      Hi Riyaz,
      We have 3 server nodes how to check which server node is getting what messages .
      Kindly reply

  3. Nutan says

    Please provide me details regarding XML payload validation in PI7.1. Whether information is in PI7.0 also. If so then what’s the difference in between both the versions?

  4. says

    As far as I understand, XML Validation in PI7.1 is nothing but validation of XML structure against an XSD (XML Schema Definition). This functionality is not available in previous versions like PI 7.0, XI 3.0/2.0.

  5. Farooq says

    Hi Riyaz,

    I think in this document you can also covers majors sorts of Errors related to Adapters, Mapping, IE, AE and BPM.

    For example file adapter: if source DIR is not present, target systems is down, authorization error, invalid message format/xml, java web start is not present etc.

    How about making a new section/tab for PI 7.1 and SOA? I beleive these are the emerging areas of SAP.

    Keep going with the same pace ;)


  6. xiuser says

    Hi, first of all sorry for my english.

    I have a problem with the adapters,
    in the integration builder when i have to edit communication channel template, i can’t see any adapter metadata.
    Do you know what can i do to have a list of adapters?I don’t know if i am doing something wrong or it’s a problem with the xi configuration.


  7. says


    Check if you have installed the adapters and that the corresponding services for the adapters are active in the Visual Admin.

    Are you able to see the list in ID?


    • Rehan says

      Hi Riyaz,
      Our scenario is as follows:
      We are trying to send XML file from our SAP-XI to external tool “COMMunix XC” (a multi-protocol EDI platform tool).
      We have configured ” FILE TO HTTP(with SSL)” scenario (trying to connect HTTPS/port)

      1. We have created RFC destination of type G and refered the same RFC in Communication channel (Adapter type: HTTP)
      2. We have send the SSL Server certificate to other party and ensure that they have imported at thier end.
      3. We have included the certificates from other party in our SAP XI STRUST under SSL Client (Standard) node.
      4. We have tried ” CONNECTION TEST ” in the RFC destination created in type G (in STEP 1) and it shows the GREEN TICK at bottom, no other message nor any error message

      When we trigger the communication we recieve the error: HTTP client code 110 reason in SXMB_MONI.
      Please let us know if we have missed out some step.


  8. Hari says

    Hi Riyaz,

    We migrated Configuration and mapping to our PROD environment. when I run the SXI_CACHE on the ABAP stack of XI in PRD, it shows the Logical system of QAS and SID#client# of QAS as technical system. As a result the out bound idoc from PRD business system is not making it to integration server. The error I am getting in SM58 of Business system is “No services found for PRD client 400”.

    Do you know where the SXI_CACHE in XI gets the business system and Technical system from? I have checked the SLD and it looks good. I do not think , there is anything in IR or ID where the Techncical system is specified, may be I am wrong? Please confirm.

    The short term solution was to change the entry in SSRVSERVICE table for Technical system from QAS#320 to PRD#400. I am still NOT able to determine the rootcause of why SXI_CACHE in Prod. Integ. srever brings the QAS#320 instead of PRD#400, do you have any thoughts?


  9. says

    Hi Hari,

    Run transaction RZ70 on communicating sap system to ensure that the technical system information is up to date.

    Also, when you imported the configuration objects in ID, did you update the communcation channels? Also make sure that the Adapter specific identifiers of the business system as displayed in ID are correct. If not, switch to change mode and update the same using Update from SLD button.

    Let me know if this helps.


  10. JT says

    Hi Riyaz,

    We have a Legacy system that will FTP xml data files to the XI server (Eg. In directory /tmp/inbound/data ). From there, the file will be processed and generate IDOC. Then, the XML file will be archieved to another directory (Eg. /tmp/inbound/data/processed ) for those successed file.

    But now, all the XML file were stuck in the original directory. Which seems like it never will be processed. (All the while it was working fine).

    I am new with the XI – and now totally no idea on how to check for this.
    Could you please advise what i can do to get the “process” run?
    Any T-code can be used to trigger the “process”??

    Appreciate if you can help to advise on this.

    Thank you very much.

  11. says

    You can check the adapter status and the communication channel log in the Runtime Workbench. Go to Component Monitoring in RWB and choose your adapter engine. Then click on Communication Channel Monitor button and check the status of your sender file adapter. You will find the specific error information there.

    Hope this helps.


  12. Rizwan says

    Hi! Riyaz

    I have configured alerts in ALRTCATDEF.

    Also, i am getting error notification in my alert Inbox.

    However, I would like to get this mails in regular corporate email a/c.

    Can you please provide the steps i need to configure in SCOT and also SUO1.

    Thank you very much,

  13. says

    Hi Rizwan,

    In ALRTCATDEF, select your alert and then choose fixed recipients. Add the SAP user id of the person who should receive the alerts. Save your changes.

    Use SU01 to maintain corpoarate email id for the above user and set the communication method as email.

    This should send an email to the corporate email a/c. Ofcourse the SMTP setting should be configured on your XI server. If it isnt, get in touch with your basis administrator who should be able to assist you.

    Hope this helps.


  14. Aaron says

    Hello Riyaz,

    In Runtime Workbench when viewing Cluster Node Details there is a column called Short Log. Is there such thing as a Full Log which migh have more useful information?

    In my case for a brand new com channel I am seeing “Error during channel initialization; exception trace: {1}” and I’m wondering where to look for more clues about what XI doesn’t like about it.

    By the way, your website is very good and it has helped me understand a lot of things so far.

    Many thanks,


  15. says

    Hi Riyaz,
    I created my own alter configuration in ALRTCATDEF and then also setup my corp email id in SU01 and also done the setup in SCOT. Finally used this in Se38 i used this(RSALERTTEST) program and chose my alter category which i created in ALRTCATDEF. An test alert id is getting created but i’m not getting any email. Initially i had a doubt abut the SMTP server name, so contacted Basis team, they tested from their side and got a test message when they test. Not sure how they tested. Can you please tell me why i’m not getting an email when i test with my ‘alter catergory’ in ABAP program RSALERTTEST.


  16. J B says

    Hi Riyaz

    I have come across an error “It is not possible to configure the selected XI domain because the Integration Server does not exist or could not be read from the SLD”. And also no dropdown is available for Integration Server (Component Monitoring Tx- SXMB_IFR-> Runtime Workbench -> Component Monitroing) Can you suggest a solution for this issue

  17. says

    I would suggest to check the entries in the SLD. XI server must have entries in the Business/Technical System. Also, associations must be setup correctly. Verify the CIM data in SLD. Get in touch with your basis team if you are unable to access these components.

  18. says

    Hi RIYAZ,


    Error while access Integration repository in DEVLOPMENT systemin SAP PI 7.0 But i am able to loging to integration directory (ID)

    i am using PISUPER user which have ROLE as SAP_XI_IR_SERV_USER
    plz give me the solution ASAP

    Following Error Message occurred as follows:

    * cannot open connetion on host: and port 50304

    * com.sap.aii.utilxi.misc.api. Reconnect Runtime Exception

    Thanks In Advance.


  19. JT says

    Hi Riyaz,

    I am facing problem in the XI server which the Message having error
    All the subsequent message will stuck in XI server.
    After we restart the XI server, it will be OK.
    This had happened twice.

    My question:
    1. May i know what is the Root cause that causing the error occur? (as Most of the time it works fine)
    2. Is there any long term solution for this? What we can do to prevent this? Because restarting the Server seems like not the correct solutions.

    Please help to advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Raghu says

    Hi Riyaz

    I am getting a problem when i am using sxmb_ifr tcode. I am not able to open XI page getting error enterprize sever address is not maintained. I just installed PI 7.1 and i dont know the post install activities. Can you please send a proper steps on the same

    thanks in advance


  21. Archana Singhai says

    We have a outgoing Purchase Order interface from XI to one of our Vendors.
    We have the relevant certificate installed at our end like other vendors.
    However, ever so often, the outgoing message ends in error with the message:
    There have not been any changes made at our end and neither any changes have been made at the Vendor’s end.
    Once I had read in the SDN forums, that in this scenario, the soft restart of the ICM monitor helps to eliminate the issue and this actually has helped us in the reprocessing of the messages in error.
    I still do not have any idea as to why this happens with ONLY this vendor.
    It would be nice if some one could shed some light on this.

  22. XIkiller says

    When i am trying to logon into ID/IR, then i am getting authorization error. I am able to logon into ABAP stack. What kind of role i need to have in my profile to get into Java Stack. Please let me know.


  23. sriram says

    I am getting the following errors frequently in message monitoring,Can you provide me root causes.
    1.Problem while determining receivers
    2.Unauthorized Authorization error while sending by HTTP
    3.Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool: Unable to create new pooled resource:
    and also give me a resolution for this.


  24. SKUMAR says

    If I have 100 files in a folder, if XI comes and picking the files from the folder, while picking 50 files connection was lost in between and they are remaining 50 files are there to pick, in this scenario what happens after connection established XI will collect remaining 50 files or again it starts from first.

    Can anyone answer this question with explanation.

  25. Archana says

    Hi Riyaz,
    First of all, thanks for all the great topic posted by you.
    I regularly check your site for updated and additional topics.
    I have the below scenario:
    File (free text) is being received in XI
    Based on certain file ocntents, i have to make a lookup in R/3 and get some value back.
    This value will determine the folder location in R/3 where the received file will be placed.
    For this, I have made an ejb module to make a look up in R/3, a RFC FM in R/3 making the selection and returning the output.
    The code on its own is working but in conjunction with the ejb, the value returned is null.
    This is giving jull exception in the channel which has the module configured.

    How can I make this work?
    Please advise.
    Also, there is another scenario where the complete configuration is working fine along with the BPM message but in this particular scenario, the BPM is not sending emails to users even though there is no error.
    The email address are configured but still no mail notification for the success or error status.
    Can you please give some suggestions or pointers?

    Thanks and Regards,

  26. Samiuddin Syed says

    Hi Riyaz,

    How are you doing?

    I have 2 seperate SLD’s each one for DEV n QAS environment and I have synchronised both SLD’s using export/import as the version am using is 7.0.

    As both the SLD’s are in sync and have the same landscape data, I have configured groups and Transport targets for the business systems.

    For Dev environment:

    Business system name: ISR_BUSINESSSYSTEM Group: DEV_Group

    For QAS environment:

    Business system name: ISR_BUSINESSSYSTEM_QAS Group: QAS_Group

    Mapping of Transport targets:


    The above is done and now when am trying to do transports for Integration builder objects from DEV to QAS then during import am getting an error.

    ERROR: “obligatory transport target for business system ISR_BUSINESSSYSTEM not found in system landscape directory”

    According to my XI guy, he says the business system name used in transports should be same for both DEV n QAS business systems. Where as I do not see this scenario of same business system name, I have searched the forums but all speaks about the same way I have configured using groups n transports targets.

    Please advise to rectify the error of transport.

    Samiuddin Syed

  27. says


    We are using PI 7.1
    I have done all the setups , but while testing the configuration, i am getting an execption : Premature end of file in the Interface Determination & mapping step.

    How to resolve that.

    I have verified all the Mappings and seems to be correct.

  28. Adnan Maqbool says

    Dear Riaz

    I am getting error that NO_MAPPING_PROGRAM_FOUND in Moni. How can i resolved the issue where mapping program is located and what is the correct way of reading the moni.

  29. ram says

    Hi Riaz,

    I am getting problem while checking the communication channel monitoring.
    When i click any button in adapeter engine , it showing page cant be displayed.

    Could you please tell me how to resolve this


  30. Pal Somogyi says

    Hi Riyaz,

    we have a sender RFC scenario,where we use a TCP/IP channel toward XI from our SAP system. SAP system is on 4.6C and we have PI 7.1. We have setup the TCP/IP channel in SAP and also the Comm. channel in XI. However, when we execute a Connection test it says:

    No such file or directory (/usr/sap/ICX/SYS/exe/run/,

    where Program ID is the ID we are using in TCP/IP channel.

    Could you please help what can be the problem?

    Many thanks.

  31. says

    Dear Riyaz,

    In our Scenario,

    1) we have an 3rd party S/W and SAP RFC.
    2) XI acts as an Interface for the communication between 3rd party S/W and RFC
    3) Webservice has been created from XI and “.wsdl” file is configured in 3rd pary S/W
    4) whenever the 3rd party S/W triggers, XI will receive the input parameters and pass
    it to the RFC

    Now the problem is,

    In the RFC my 1st validation is, given employee record is available in the infotype or not, if the employee record is not available error will be thrown as “No data found”

    whenever the RFC triggered through XI , the 3rd party application receving the error “No data found” but if i run the RFC in the foreground it is working perfectly.

    In order to find the issue, we have changed the System User id to a normal Dialog User id that has configured in XI to communicate to RFC.

    Now it is working fine with Dialog user id but same issue is coming if it is retain to the System User Id

    Requesting for you Assistance.

  32. says


    We need to interface with thrid party system with PI, Where the third party system communicaes to particular format to TCP/IP port of local system.

    What type of adapter is can be used?

  33. Jay says

    Hi Riyaz,

    How to decide which mapping is suitable for which scenario. I am confused which mapping should I use when. Please help if there is any guideline for this.



  34. says

    Generally, Graphical mapping is the best when it comes to performance. So if something could be accomplished using graphical mapping, you need not look at other types of mapping. However, sometimes its not possible or cumbersome to use graphical mapping to get desired output.

    XSLT mapping is useful when you want to rearrange, sort, group the source fields based on some conditions or when the output is other than XML, say HTML, XHTML, Text etc, or segregating source data into header and item level data etc. You should go for XSLT mapping only when source documents are comparatively small in size. XSLT mapping may become a performance issue when parsing large documents.

    If XSLT and Graphical mapping cannot be used, then you can use ABAP or Java mapping. If you are good at ABAP you can choose ABAP over Java. ABAP mapping could be sensible when you want to interact with database tables of PI ABAP stack. For everything else, you can use Java mapping. You can accomplish any conversion using Java mapping alone.

  35. Kumar says

    Hi Riyaz, I created a helloworld java program and make it a package. I created another java program and imported the above package and successfully got the result what i want while i excuted it. I created the jar file from the above helloworld package class file and uploaded in the Imported Archieves in IR. I created a simple UDF and added the world.*(the above package) in the Imports textbox of the UDF. But while executing i do get the “package world doesn’t exist” error. Am i missing anything?

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    • Luqman says

      Hi Riyaz,

      I received this error at communication channel monitoring:

      Message processing failed. Cause: com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.RecoverableException: java.io.IOException: server does not support PLAIN or LOGIN authentication

      failed to send mail: java.io.IOException: server does not support PLAIN or LOGIN authentication

      Then I decided to change the parameters at integration directory, but was unable to do so. When I clicked on the integration directory link, nothing happened.

      Really appreciate your assistance. Thanks!


  36. says

    Remove your mail server user id and password and keep authentication mode as Plain and try in mail adapter configuration.

    You can try accessing ID from within IR via menu options or via a direct URL.

  37. kumargowda says

    Hi riyaz,

    I am new for xi i dont know how to create sld steps in pi 7.0 ides server please send me a screen shot and also a sample scenario .
    it will be very helpful to me.

    thanks and regards,

  38. Jim says

    Hello Riyaz:

    Thanks for your post and all the help you are providing.

    I have 2 PI systems which both stopped delivering messages on the same day after the systems had to be rebooted. There is no indication why – both SXMB_MONI and the RWB indicate no messages after this date in both systems and the Queues look OK according to SMQR and SMQ2. I have done a delta cache refresh and even edited and re-activated a CC to ensure it was active.

    How can I see what is going on – we are on PI 7.1?


    • says

      Rebooting should resolve the issue. Possibly some services are hung or not responding or did not start. Your NetWeaver/Basis administrator should be able to resolve the issue.

  39. Andreas says


    Thank you for these guides and posts, they are really useful. I am a beginner in PI and I have just finished creating my first idoc to file scenario and some simple file to file scenarios. I would like now to start creating an idoc to http scenario : An idoc is posted from an R/3 system and it arrives to a webserver as an xml file via http. I can not find any information about how to start doing that. Any chance you could write a blog on that or point me to where I need to look. I am ok with creating the idoc, passing it to PI but then I am not sure what to do with the use of the HTTP adapter. How can I post the created XML to the web server using HTTP?

    Many thanks


  40. Laxman Sankhla says

    Want to transfer file to particular folder in XI.

    For example i m having 10 files of 10 plant.
    i want to transfer that files through XI into sap application server.
    Each file should go in respective folder like if file name is 1005 than that file should go in folder 1005.
    So what need to do please advice .
    Thanks in advanced.

    • says

      You can make use of ASMAs in the file adapter to store the filename. Further make use of variable substitution option to specify Target Directory/File Name Scheme i.e. the directory name at runtime based on the input file name. See details of variable substitution on SAP help.

  41. Raj says

    Hi RIyaz
    I’m using PI7.0 My customer wants to send xCBL2.0 OrderReponse XML file via HTTPS/HTTP. He is just asking me to give him a URL so that he can send the XML file over that URL(HTTP/HTTPS) link.
    Once XI/PI receives the OrderResponse message he doesn’t want any confirmation XML file back to him. So this is not a synchronous interface.
    Once I receive the OrderReponse file from him, I will convert into IDOC and send to SAP system. This part I know what to do, but have no idea of how to receive the file over HTTPS/HTTP from the customer.
    I asked him to proive the details of their server so that I can pick the file through FTP connection. But the answer came back to me was “NO”
    Initialy I thought of creating a WebService and give it to him but later understood that Webservice can be used only with Synchronous interface.

    My question is not how to send XML document to XI/PI via HTTP/HTTPS,instead how to receive the XML document. Let me put in simple way.

    I’ve to give the URL Link to customer. Customer would use this URL to send the XML file over HTTP/HTTPS to my XI/PI system. I don’t need to bother how the customer is going to send the XML file. All i’ve to give to my customer is the URL link. My question is when the customer sends a XML document via HTTPS/HTTP using the URL(which i’m going to give, not sure how i’m going to create the URL), how XI/PI is going to receive that document.

    1. Can you please let me know how to create a URL link.
    2. What is the sender adapter type I’ve to create and what are the values I need to fill?


  42. Ben Delplanque says

    Hey Riyaz,

    This guide was the closest I could find to helping us out with our PI problem. Two of our interfaces have just decided to stop working and we can’t work out why. In the runtime workbench the error tells us that there is an “Error creating error archive directory” and then displays the folder name “\\…..\interfaces\area\archive/”. The weird thing about it is the forward slash on the end of the folder name that it’s appended. In config it’s been saved without the forward slash (of course)!

    Please – would appreciate any help on this!!



    • says

      Make sure the directory exists and PI user has authorization to the directory. When using NFS protocol, directory should be either located directly on the PI server, or if it is on a shared network folder, the PI user (probably xisuper) should be able to logon, access and write to it.

      Another option to try is to reverse the slashes from \ to / i.e. try using //…/interfaces/area/archive or //…/interfaces/area/archive/

  43. nawin says

    One of our user is facing an authorization error while Reassigning the Change List to his own userid in PI system. User is using Configuration: Integration Builder and then trying to assign Change list from another userid to his own useridCan you please help me for solving the authorization error ? Like what role is required for this activity…

  44. Kotesh says

    We have done the system copy of the PID 7.1 ehp1 from one hardware to another Hardware later
    abap and java insances are working fine but we are not able to create or save objects in PI after sytem copy we are facing the issues Devline does not exist: 8a5afe612d3511df97170017a4a7b84d.

    Appreciate your help.


  45. says

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  46. says

    This blog is actually hitting what I want to expect. I am very glad that you are now providing the information where I am hunting for many days of surfing the net,thanks for sharing.

  47. says

    Hi Riyaz.

    I’ve a issue on my QA system where any changes I make to the communication channel are not being recognised. For example, if the CC is curently set up to pick up files with the prefix “test*.txt” and I change this to be “riyaz*.txt”, the change is not recognized. Any “riyaz*.txt” files that I drop into the source directory are not picked up, but if I drop in a file with “test*.txt” it will be processed.

    Any ideas?

    PS. Thanks for the blog. Its my go to place whenever I have an issue.

      • lovenki says

        I try to change the Mapping program in SPD but it is showing below error “ In Sufficient Authorization for changing object in MESSAGE MAPPING “

  48. Samuel Tan says

    Hi Riyaz,
    Thanks for the wonderful guide. Your blog has been extremely helpful.
    Btw, I would like to ask if you could show us how to create PI Alert with custom messages / can we pass a certain information into the alert when a message fail.

  49. Raj says

    Hi Riyaz,
    Below is the complete mail I received from BASIS team.
    I downloaded the two SAP notes and implemented in my PI development system. Presently we have PI7.0 dual stack system. The two OSS notes are related to ABAP side.

    Mail received from Basis:
    In reviewing the PI 7.3 upgrade documentation the following two OSS Notes need to be applied to PI Development system prior to starting the upgrade:

    — 1468467 – Sequence problem during DROP/CREATE of indexs
    — 1518145 – FM DD_DB_MISSING_OBJECTS returns incorrect no. of objects.

    Would you please arrange for the above two notes to be applied and let us know when that work is done?

    Prior to the upgrade starting there needs to be at least one package in the customer namespace (Z*). Would you please verify there is or do this?

    Also, on the PI system….
    1. Has made any modifications to the JAVA stack?
    2. Has created any Customer-Specific Translations?
    3. Has made any ABAP modifications?

  50. Gopal says

    Hello Riyaz,

    Its File to File scenario in PI7.1. In channel at RWB I’m getting error ‘Channel started but inactive’.
    I checked all from my side, but not able to correct it.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks a lot !!

  51. Alejandro says

    Hello everybody.
    Is there a free training environment for PI/ XI where I can practice what I´ve learned at my PI course?

  52. Shikha says

    Dear Riyaz,

    I have created the value mapping replication scenario and data from ABAP proxy is succesful in PI sxmb_moni and in message monitoriing too.
    But i am not able to see the results in cache monitoring , what can be the reason, please help!!


  53. ks says

    Hi, we’re trying to export an Integration Design from the development system to production system. We get the following message:
    Batch rolled back. Caused by java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SAPSR3DB.SYS_C00724570) violated
    Any ideas???

  54. Julyrzh says

    Hi Riyaz,
    I have a confused question need your help.
    I want to know the relation between Define Retention Periods and Schedule Delete Jobs.
    For example: Assume I define the retention period for A/Synchronous XML messages in the database 30days and History Entries 30days too.Now how do I schedule delete jobs? If I write 10 days in Period in Days,can I see the XML messages in SXMB_MONI before 10 days?
    I want to konw does conflict Retention period 30days in conflict with Schedule Delete Jobs 10days? Thank you for your reply.
    Best regrads.

  55. Anu says

    I am facing a problem while transporting a request to Production environment. I am using File Level Transport. When I create a transport file, it is successfully created in development system’s /export location. Basis team moves the file production system’s /import directory.

    But here I am not able to see the imported file via Tool->import design/configuration objects , in Production environment. I have tried to use user Id’s which have admin level authorizations, still I cannot see the file.
    I have checked with the Basis Team and the files are placed in the correct Directory
    Please help.What could be the reason for this.
    Cache refresh and Server restart didnt help .

    • Sri says


      I am facing the same issue, with the file transport. I am unable to see the .tpz files in the list from Tool -> Import design Objects. Basis says the files were placed in the folder.

  56. Krish says

    I am totally new to SAP and its working and basically into project management . I just want to know if it is possible to develop a (.NET component or DLL) which can connect to a data store and integrate this as a component into SAP as a third party component?

  57. says

    Hi Rizay,
    I get the below error in PI production environment but it is working fine in PI assurance. This is happening only only the PI upgrade. We upgrade PI system from version 7.1 to 7.3. But we did tested after the PI quality upgrade and it worked there.

    MP: exception caught with cause com.sap.aii.af.sdk.xi.srt.BubbleException: Failed to call the endpoint [null “null”]; nested exception caused by: java.io.IOException: server does not support PLAIN or LOGIN authentication

  58. Vikas says

    Hi Riyaz,

    Our current landscape has a ECC backend system connected to PI 7.1 and using proxy to communicate. Now the client wants to connect another ECC system to same PI instance which also wants to communicate using Proxy. Is this possible?

  59. Simon says

    hi, Rizay
    I am getting below excpetion “Transmission of message to endpoint https://xxxxxxx:5443/invoke/gateway.b2b.xml/receiveChemXML failed due to com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.RecoverableException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error while silently connecting: org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpException: iaik.security.ssl.SSLException: Invalid SSL message (EOF)!’
    i use CIDX adapter receive Channle
    Please help me if you guys had any knowledge on this exception.

  60. kavita says

    hi Riyaz,
    i am getting this error as shown below. can you please help me wat set up needs to be done and what needs to be checked on both R3 and PI side
    EDI:Receiver Partner type in control record is default.


  61. Zia says

    I have to connect MS-Access 2007 to PI7.1 both on windows server.
    I am getting the following error.
    Please find the error:

    Error during database connection to the database URL ‘jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*mdb)};DBQ=//D:/Test/test.mdb’ using the JDBC driver ‘jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver’: ‘com.sap.aii.adapter.jdbc.sql.DriverManagerException: Can not establish connection:: SAPClassNotFoundException: jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver’


  62. satish says


    I am very new to sap xi , i m trying to send notepad file to destination in XML format . but i m unable to transfer in receiver side . my communication channels are fine . i m unable to understand where it is going wrong . please help me with relevant solution

    Thanks in advance

  63. says

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  65. says

    Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the
    images on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the
    blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Aruna says

    Hi ,

    I need a help to do bulk data testing in Runtime work bench at one shot.

    Could you please guide me , how we can do that testing in one shot..in SAP PI 7.1 ?

  67. praveen says

    hi i am praveeen when i am doing the practice i am getting error, after getting the error we will get PROCESSED Button, but, i m not able to get that button, can u please help me out how am i get that one.