Docking Station for Your iPod

Philips SBD7000An iPod dock needs to look good and offer non edgy sound. The Philips SBD7000 is a cute-looking Docking station that works with iPods and also other personal media players.

Looks and features
The design is really unique, sporting a complete circular body, shaped like the driver of a speaker. Two braces are provided for different types of iPods. The model has a stand that folds out like a photo frame, which basically supports the entire system.

The dock leans slightly backward and the sound gets directed towards your face and ears. It works on four AA batteries, or 6 V DC power. An external adapter is included.

The dock can turn 90 degrees to the left, so you can watch videos in landscape mode, on the iPod screen. The total output of the model is 4 watts. There is no remote control included.

The sound quality is rather bass deficient and one needs to switch the bass boost on, to enjoy it. The treble is in a normal range, and should have been a bit more expansive.

It is quite clean at the loud levels. If the volume is too loud, the spikey mids can get on your nerves.

If you are really sensitive about your music, opt for more horsepower and a more expensive product. But for regular listening this is workable. As for battery life, this one went on for a little less than 10 hours.

The iPod dock costs Rs 5,990. It is designed for personal listening, but lacks a remote control. The bass could have been a bit more.

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