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Social Metrics – Monitor the Social Side of Your Blog

Social MetricsSocial Metrics is a Social Media Monitoring tool for your WordPress blog. You can use it to track your blog performance on popular social networking websites and services. Simply install the plugin and you can start monitoring your blog’s social media metrics.

“Social Metrics helps you Track your Blog’s Social Performance”

Social Metrics Plugin in Action

  • Track how is your content shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, Google Buzz, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn
  • Find out exactly how many times your posts/pages have been shared across these social networks
  • Performance of all blog posts and pages is displayed in tabular format on Social Metrics Dashboard
  • Browse to find out which posts have gone viral and been popularized over the social media
  • Use the information to find out which social media websites should you promote your content the most
  • Access Social Metrics from WordPress Admin bar
  • Easily filter the displayed output by categories and by month
  • Quickly switch between posts and pages
  • Choose how many posts you wish to see at a time
  • Seamlessly share posts/pages over the social networks from right within the Social Metrics Dashboard
  • Lightweight plugin with minimal settings

Download the Social Metrics Plugin – Free!

You can download the Social Metrics plugin directly from WordPress Plugins Repository using the link below:

Download Social Metrics Plugin from

Installing Social Metrics

Install the Social Metrics plugin from your WordPress Plugins section. Alternatively, download the Social Metrics plugin.  Extract and upload the contents to your plugins directory. Activate the plugin and you are all set! Simply go to the Social Metrics Dashboard to see the plugin in action.

Detailed Instructions to Install the Plugin Manually

  1. Extract and upload the ‘social-metrics’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Social Metrics Settings page located under the Plugins menu and configure the options as desired
  4. Review and Save Changes
  5. Now go to Social Metrics Dashboard located under the Dashboard menu to see the social media metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Social Metrics Dashboard?

The Social Metrics Dashboard is located under the WordPress Dashboard menu. You can also access it from WordPress Admin bar.

I cannnot see the Social Metrics option under the WordPress Dashboard menu. What could be wrong?

Please check if the plugin is active. If the issue persists, please check your permissions. You should have administrator level access to ba able to see the Social Metrics Dashboard.

Where can I report a bug or submit feature requests?

Drop a comment below or reach me through contact options.

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social metrics


  1. JeremyR says:

    Hi Riyas, I’ve just installed your social metrics free version 2.1. On my WordPress site the social media tabs are not initially displayed. What is the best way to correct this? I tried reinstalling the plugin but I’m only new at this.

  2. ogergo says:

    Hi Riyaz,

    Nice plugin, but i cant access to settings page, however im an admin, superadmin on my site. it says on admin.php?page=socialmetrics_settings: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

  3. PK says:

    Great plugin.. Seems that after Digg did their “Redo” of their site, the Digg column doesn’t work anymore. Any chances this will be fixed soon?

  4. Rahul says:

    Dear sir, i have a question about this plugin, does it notifies when every a post gets share or like
    i just saw the plugin today & i have installed the free one to my blog but i see no notifications about the new share ?

  1. It doesn’t notify you of new shares. What it does is shows all your shares in on location. It’s nice to be able to look at posts side by side and see which ones perform better.

  2. Tom Ewer says:


    I am unable to change any of the settings – is this deliberate? I’m guessing that it’s a pro feature, but it is not made clear.



  3. Chris says:

    very nice plugin. There is an issue with the Facebook column. It is to narrow with german language. You only see the beginning of the small count box, not the number.


  4. John says:

    Thanks riyaz for sharing nice plugin. Now I can see how many social media buzz I have.

  5. Allen M says:

    First off great plugin! I have one question though. I noticed that not all of my pages are showing up in the Social Metrics view with wordpress. I see most of them but I specifically dont see my “Music” linked pages. For example this page has 2 likes and it doesnt show up in the social metrics view in wordpress. Any clues you could give me so I can also see these pages?

    Thanks Again and wonderful job!

  6. RW says:

    Hi, love the plug in but I have updated my plug in and I don’t think it is counting LinkedIn correctly. It says 184 for each one of them. That cannot be correct. Please let me know if there is something I can do to get a more accurate count. THANKS!

  7. Great plugin but I don’t think its working 100% properly on my WP 3.2.1. On a brand new blog it is showing inShare as 42 on all pages/posts.

  8. Ali says:

    Installed the plugin and right afterwards got my jetpack based site stats crashed.
    Also, when I try to search for a new plugin I get this message: “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request”.

    Any idea?

    • Ali says:

      Looks like your plugin operations (multiple connections to external servers for each social network, for each post in a very short amount of time) triggered the server’s firewall into blocking access of outgoing connections. Thus rendering out of service all based services (akismet, stats, plugin servers etc).

      You may want to implement some sort of workaround for this issue and put up a warning for your users about this potential issue. All hosting companies serious about security will have such rules implemented.

      • Riyaz says:

        I am using JetPack and Social Metrics together without any issues. Your issue seems specific to your server. You could consider the Pro version which is faster. It processes data in background and not every time you load the Social Metrics Dashboard.

  9. Sarah says:

    When I look at the little flags (like the number of tweets, for example) and hover over the number, it says that that is the amount of times the link has been retweeted. When I click on it, however, it brings me to Twitter and says that it can’t find any tweets. It seems that the flag is indicating the number of times the “tweet” button has been clicked, but not the number of times the link has actually been shared. Can you help me figure this out?

    • Riyaz says:

      When you click the Tweet counts, it takes you to Twitter website. Twitter website only shows you the most recent activity like tweets, retweets etc. The older tweets are not displayed. This might be the reason why you don’t see any tweets there. The Tweet button on the Social Metrics Dashboard instead shows you all time count of tweets.

  10. Cek Kanunu says:

    I went with the Pro option and the concept is great, but the metrics are frequently incredibly far off from the various sites official numbers, which pretty much makes it worthless.

    • Riyaz says:

      Both Social Metrics and the Pro version indeed report the official numbers pulled from respective social networks. I would love to know which metrics are you referring to and what did you find different from official numbers. If you have purchased Pro version, please write to the support team about your issue and we would be more than happy to help you.

  11. Seth says:

    I may be missing something, but I am the site admin and I don’t see a “Settings” under the plugins. I see the Social Metrics under the dashboard but I can’t find how to edit the settings for the plugin. Thanks.

    • Riyaz says:

      You should see the link to settings just below the link to Social Metrics. Hover over Social Metrics link in the menu and both links should be visible.

  12. cybearDJM says:

    Hi, a nice plugin.
    A quick question : for LinkedIn, each line shows a value 1, although I don’t share most of my posts to this platform.
    I tried to share one, the value turned to “2”, then refreshed the page and it was back to 1.
    Seems broken, huh ?

    • Riyaz says:

      Plugin pulls up LinkedIn shares count from LinkedIn servers and displays as is. Try putting a LinkedIn share button on your blog posts/pages and the counts should match with that displayed in the Social Metrics dashboard.

      • cybearDJM says:

        Sorry, I have to disagree.
        You can check this other blog of mine, (link above on my name), where I put the Inshare button, e.g . this post . the Inshare button has no value, as I didn’t share it in LI (other posts were shared). In the SM dashboard, the post has 1 for LinkedIn, as do all the posts on my blog since the beginning, although I didn’t install the Inshare button when I launched the blog…
        OR, a post might appear shared in LI, through other means… e.g. my Twitter feed is linked to LI. But I don’t tweet all the posts on this blog either, specifically the old ones…

  13. Wow, really usefull plugin! Thanks for the good job.

  14. The major issue I am facing is that i seem to have lost all my backlinks from facebook and twitter..this is effecting my SEO..i am loosing rankings on google..can you please help?

    • Riyaz says:

      Well, since the plugin only “reads” and displays the counts from the Facebook and Twitter servers, it certainly does not play any part in loss of backlinks or changes in SEO or Google rankings that you mentioned. To investigate your issue further, I would recommend using the search box on or Twitter’s official tweet button to see the shares/mentions of your articles/urls. Similarly you could use the Like button or Facebook’s graph api to find out the issues with your Facebook likes. If you need any help with the Social Metrics plugin, please let me know and I would be happy to assist.

  15. Hey Riyaz..first off all thanks for the is most useful.

    However, recently there was an update to the plugin and after updating all my counters got reset to ZERO..should i be worried? Is there any way of getting them back to their actual values?


    • Riyaz says:

      That shouldn’t be the case as counts are displayed directly by the respective social network APIs. If you are using any caching plugins, make sure you clear all the caches. Which particular social network are you having issue with?

  16. recently purchased pro, thinking it would allow more services to be tracked? right now the huge one we’re missing is reddit. any plans to add that in the future?

    thanks! love the plugin otherwise.

  17. Hiranthi says:

    Just purchased the pro-version :)

    Any plans on adding support for custom post types?

  18. Nico_ubtc says:

    Nice one, great plugin.

  19. Jürgen says:

    Just a BIG thank you.
    Your plugin is FANTASTIC
    Now, FINALLY, no more running around on different sites to track my stats.
    Sorry, for the BIG letters :-)

  20. Andrea says:

    In a website that relies more to the home/front page than any other page, I’ve added facebbok, twitter and google+ buttons, but they aren’t counted by this plugin: would be possible to also include the home/front page?

    • Riyaz says:

      If your homepage/frontpage is a WordPress Page, then clicking on Show All Pages button will display its metrics. However, if it is a custom post type, the plugin does not support it at the moment.

      • Marleen says:

        My homepage is a standard WordPess page, but it doesn´t show up when I click Show all Pages – consequently I don´t have social buttons on my homepage. How can I fix this?

  21. Moodle says:

    Fantastic wp plugin. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Fábia Limeira says:

    Qual encurtador você utiliza?

  23. Have a feature request. Would be cool if this same menu was brought into the edit screen for each post. So, when you go to edit that specific post, you could see the stats for it.

    If you don’t get around to it, I might just make this plugin…

    Thanks! Great plugin.

  24. jackennils says:


    I really like your plugin, but I’m missing a very useful feature.
    It would be great if I had the possibility to sort the columns (Facebook, Twitter, …) ascending or descending according to the number of shares, tweets, and so on.
    Then it would be very easy to see which posts are the most popular.

    Would this be possible for a future version?


  25. Hey Riyaz. First of all thanks for the plugin. I recently started using it on my blog ( and it does pretty much all I was looking for – saved me tons of time!

    I have a couple of questions:
    1~ The Social Metrics Dashboard show mostly 0 (zeroes) for my counters, whereas I know that -for instance- the Twitter counts should be at least at 1 (I use the “Twitter Tools” plugin to auto-post to Twitter when a new post is published). For instance, this morning’s post ( ) should match this Tweet ( ), and in fact, when I click the counter (for Twitter) on the Social Metrics Dashboard, the correct tweet is displayed… but the Dashboard insists the twitter count to be zero…
    Does this indicate a misconfiguration on my side?

    2~ Similarly, the counters displayed on each post are zero-ed (I suspect this to be due to whatever is going on with #1)

    3~ I think the Facebook Like and Share buttons I have on each post are throwing errors (again, using today’s post as an example): Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL […long URL..] from frame with URL Domains, protocols and ports must match.

    Again, I suspect a misconfiguration on my side – any suggestion will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Riyaz says:

      Thanks Francesco for your feedback.

      1,2: Counts are proivided directly by the Twitter API. If its the recent article, the count should get updated in a while. Simply click on the count and it will take you to Twitter results. As long as you see correct results for the URL your configuration is right. If you see zero results, that means there might be some issue in the permalink. Please let me know. In fact the Tweet this link on the page URL you shared shows Twitter count to be 0 as of now.
      3:This has to do with Sharethis options you might have on your blog and not related to Social Metrics.

      • Hey Riyaz, thanks for the quick pointers.

        Regarding #1 and #2: yes, see that’s the weird part: The counters are saying 0, but if you click on them they lead to the Twitter search results, with at least one Tweet..

        Regarding #3: Ooops, sorry for hte confusion. It’s actually coming from DiggDigg – I’ll figure that one out, thanks

  26. Working great on 3.0, thanks for the work! Recommend.


  27. Agis says:


    Congratulations for Social Metrics.
    How it will be possible to have data for Facebook Share?

    Thank you

  28. SLibertarian says:

    I just began using Social Metrics, and it seems to have problems with twitter, and instead of tweeting the title, it wants to tweet just part of it, and then &lt span class= then the shortened url… No clue why however.. it works fine with some posts, but not others… My post has a tweet button by SexyBookmarks and that plugin tweets just fine… so I dunno

    • Riyaz says:

      Social Metrics is designed to use the post/page title for Twitter. I guess you need to correct the title meta tags of your posts. Looks like the tags are not being generated properly. If you are using a custom theme, you may need to check with the theme author. e.g. One of the title tag is “The &lt span class=&quot caps&quot &gt US&lt /span&gt Government Debt: Objective Reality or Pyramid?”.
      Alternately, please check if you are using any plugins that alter the title tags. In the above title tag, looks like you are trying to change the the css style of word US in the title.

  29. Nick Bostic says:

    Do you have any plans to allow for customization of what services are reported? I’m not concerned with Google Buzz for instance. Also, any plans (or ability) to report Facebook shares as well as likes? Thanks for the great plugin!

    • Riyaz says:

      Yes. I will be adding options to choose the services. Regarding likes/shares, looks like the standard Facebook api returns a total of likes and shares which is displayed by the plugin.

  30. Trendy says:

    After activating and configuring the Plugin I get the error message (dashboard / social metrics):

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_type_object()

    • Riyaz says:

      Please let me know the WordPress version you are on. You can either upgrade to latest WordPress version or update the plugin to latest version.

      • Trendy says:

        I am on WP 2.9.x – upgrade of WP is not possible. The lastest version of the plugin was used and as there is written Requires WordPress Version: 2.8 or higher it should not be a problem. But it was, okay, I understand, it is not possible for me to use the plugin.

        Could you please delete the URL details in my last comment (www/htdocs…). I forgot to do that on my own

  31. Navin says:

    Hi Riyaz, Nice plugin, I tried it and found very useful. I just posted an article on your plugin.

  32. simon says:

    I have installed but dont see any icons for people to click within the indivual posts for people to either click to twitter or fb or digg about that partuicular entry … have I done something wrong or am I missing the point of this plugin?

    • Riyaz says:

      The plugin dashboard is visible within WordPress admin area when activated and not on individual posts. You need administrator role to be able to see the dashboard. If you are looking for social sharing plugin, you probably need GetSocial and not Social Metrics.

  33. I suppose that only new articles will get the metrics. Old ones will not be processed, correct? I am asking because I activated the plugin and I see nothing in the social metrics plugin panel…

    • Riyaz says:

      All posts get processed. I guess you are looking at the settings page. The Social Metrics Dashboard is located under Dashboard menu of WordPress. Or you can directly access it via the link /wp-admin/index.php?page=socialmetrics_dashboard

      • Got it… Suggestion: put both menus under the same heading… Also, you might want to do something about retrieving the icons in real time, it take for ever to load… At the same time I need to say that you did a great job with the floating bar and with this plugin….

        • Riyaz says:

          Icons are indeed retrieved in real-time. You can choose to display less number of posts at a time if you are on a slower internet connection.

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